We are always in need for professional boosters. When it comes to Felboost, we find efficiency and trustworthiness to be the most important traits a booster can have. The more effort you put in, and the more effective you are, the more orders you receive. If you think you can complete any of the services we provide don't hesitate to apply. Feel free to put as much information in the columns below as you see fit, once our team reviews your application we will contact you either via e-mail or Skype. Our response time may take up to 24 hours.


*******BOOSTER POLICY*******

We have a specific set of rules that apply to any booster who wants to work with us. These rules have to be respected in order to maintain a professional partnership between our company and you. Before you apply make sure to read our booster policy very carefully. Certain penalties may apply if you break these rules.

Booster Requirements:
- You must be fluent in English language.
- Every boost has to be completed according to the product description.
- You must have verified PayPal account.
- Every booster must be able to provide the stream.
- If you accept an order in mythic plus dungeon that has to be done in-time and fail to do so, you will have to repeat the order until you complete it in-time.
- If you accept a Master-loot order for any of our raid products you must trade every item that drops to the customer according to their loot priority. Failure to do so will result in partial payment or no payment at all.
- Master-loot raid option requires that a customer has to receive a minimum of 6 items. If that doesn't happen, the boost must be repeated on the next ID with the same loot priority.
- If you are logging on the customer's account (account share service), you must only perform what was asked of you. You must not accept any party invitations, guild invitations, or reply to any chat directed at you or general/guild chat.
- All our boosters must have proper VPN programs in order to accept account share services.
- PvP boosters have to complete every order in accordance with Blizzard's rules and regulations without the use of any methods that may give an advantage over other players, such as win-trading or any third-party software.

If you agree to these conditions and think that we are the right company for you, feel free to apply!

Application Form: