What’s a Dungeon Modifier?

Every time a player turns on a Keystone that has a level of 4, 7, and 10, the game adds a dungeon modifier — a single for Mythic +4, and three modifiers for Mythic +10 and above. These modifiers go as follows:

● Necrotic: The mobs melee attack deals added damage and reduce the healing you receive through a debuff that stacks with each attack.

● Sanguine: Enemies leave a pool of blood after they are dead that heals other enemies and deals damage to your team.

● Bolster: When you kill a trash mob, the kill empowers other trash mobs.

● Skittish: A tank has a harder time to aggro enemies.

● Rage: Trash enemies receive enraged state after they are left with less than 30% health. Enraged enemies deal 100% more damage until you kill them.

● Grieve: Whenever a player hits below 90% health, they receive a damaging debuff that stacks. You’ll have to heal this buff as fast as you can.

● Teeming: There are more enemies inside the dungeon. The amount of enemies you need to kill in order to acquire the loot at the end of the dungeon is also increased.

● Explosion: As you fight mobs, they will occasionally create an Explosive Orb that you need to destroy fast. Otherwise, it will explode.

● Vulcan: When you fight mobs, they create lava spots under your character’s feet.