What is Account-Sharing Option?

Account-sharing is our standard procedure for the majority of boosts. Basically, our World of Warcraft expert booster will log into your account and play your char until we reached the desired level.

Can I Get a Ban When I Buy a WoW Leveling Service?

Currently, not a single one of our clients got a ban from purchasing our boosts. Why? Because every boost we complete, we complete by hand. Moreover, we require that our employees use VPN cloaking tech. We also don’t use any bots, cheats, or any malicious program or software. This guarantees a ban-less experience. However, sometimes […]

Who Will Play on My Account?

Our boosters will. Our boosting employees need to pass a high admission bar before we employ them. They need to have years and years of World of Warcraft experience and prove it with great gameplay, skill use, and reflexes. They have to be highly trained players and proficient in multiple classes and specs. In addition, […]

What You Shouldn’t Do During Your WoW Power Leveling Boost

While your WoW leveling boost is running, you shouldn’t log in or in any way interact with your account. This is because such instances may raise red flags for your account. In addition, before you hand us over your account, you should mute your friends so that they don’t contact you and misinterpret the whole […]

How to Buy a WoW Power Leveling Service?

Our procedure for ordering is simple: You will first need to register on our site. After you sign up, find the order you want to buy.  When you find it, click on it.  Go to the cart page. From the cart page, proceed to the checkout page. After you are done with your buying, we […]

What is WoW Power Leveling Service?

When you order a WoW Shadowlands Leveling Service, our professional booster will log into your account and get your character to the maximum Shadowlands level (60). You’re firmly in the driving seat. Meaning, you decide when the order will start. You can also take a look at our additional services like Mythic +15 Boost or […]

Do you offer a Refund?

Yes. A full refund is given in following instances: • The boost has not yet begun, and you want to cancel your order.• We are unable to deliver the service in accordance with the product page. For more detailed information, and partial refunds please check our Refund Policy page.

How, and When do you assign my order?

Once you complete payment, and we get in touch with you, we will assign our most trusted and reliable player to complete service you purchased. In most cases, we will assign your order in next 30 minutes of your purchase.