Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions create a contract (the Agreement) between the service provider (FelBoost) and the individual who uses FelBoost services (the Customer). Please read the Agreement carefully.


General Terms

Users of FelBoost services (the Customers) are individuals who purchase our services, as well as individuals who visit FelBoost website (felboost.com) without making a purchase. All users of FelBoost services are required to read, understand and accept all Terms and Conditions. After the Customer makes a purchase FelBoost administration will contact him/her to complete customer verification process, to confirm the order, and to give Customer directions regarding the approved order. Breach of Terms and Conditions by the Customer shall lead to termination of requested service with no entitlement to refund. FelBoost reserves the right to reject any order if we register the lack of necessary assets, e.g. if the requested service is not available; if our security systems indicate that the order is abnormal or may be fraudulent, etc. FelBoost reserves the right to change all conditions and policies to improve quality and efficiency of our services. Terms and Conditions adjustments do not happen often, and FelBoost is not required to notify the Customer about them. It is the Customer's duty to pay interest to this page if he/she wishes to be up to date with current policies and regulations. The customer can inquire about order status and receive all necessary service-related information from the FelBoost administration through various communication channels presented on the Contact Page on FelBoost website.


Customer Verification and Privacy

FelBoost highly values and respects the privacy of each Customer and recognizes the importance of protecting the personal information provided to us. FelBoost does not tolerate any kind of internet fraud. Customer warrants that all information he/she supplies to FelBoost administration is correct, accurate and complete. Customer's use of FelBoost services is subject to FelBoost Privacy Policy. FelBoost uses cookies to improve Customer’s user experience, track shopping basket contents and keep track of the order process. The Privacy Policy defines all information concerning cookies and the purpose of collecting cookies data. We use fraud prevention methods including customer identification and verification. To complete the purchase, Customer may be required to supply personal information including, but not limited to name, email, and valid address. In case Customer purchased FelBoost service that includes Account Share Play Type the Customer will be asked to share their account credentials, including login and password. The Customer declares to understand the method of Account Sharing. All personal Information required to complete any purchase is specifically listed in Product Purchase Form that Customer fills in before making a purchase. FelBoost will use collected information for verification of our Customers and payment process. All payments are processed via PayPal and FelBoost does not use and do not collect credit/debit card personal information. Certified encrypted connection protects all data exchanged between the Customer and FelBoost, verified and ensured by GeoTrust SSL public audit. FelBoost uses appropriate protocols and verified encryption technologies to detect and prevent any unauthorized access, alteration or destruction of the information under FelBoost control. FelBoost has the right to use all received data to protect it’s legal rights, in case a potential legal issue arises, e.g. in the event of unauthorized unilateral breach of the contract by the Customer; in case the Customer refuses peaceful settlement of the potential conflict, etc.


Products and Payments

Customer may use FelBoost services only for personal, non-commercial purposes. Customer agrees that purchasing our services (Boosts) means that he/she pays for virtual products inside World of Warcraft virtual game. FelBoost does not sell any goods or property inside World of Warcraft; we are only providing services to our Customers. Relevant information about each FelBoost service is listed on the corresponding product page on FelBoost website (felboost.com). The Customer declares to understand these specifications and agrees with them. The Customer agrees and confirms that FelBoost acts only after the Customer make an order and that no safety method is completely secured. Therefore the Customer agrees that FelBoost can not be held responsible for undesirable events that may occur. FelBoost is responsible only for effective actions ordered by Client and performed on/for Client’s account. FelBoost guarantees not to change pricing policy and product specification for Customer's purchase. FelBoost services will be delivered following the terms Customer agreed upon before making an order. In case FelBoost is unable to complete the service in agreement with the terms Customer may issue a refund. All Payments are secured and processed via PayPal Payment Gateway. Customers can use PayPal Balance or credit cards accepted by PayPal to complete their purchase. Customer guarantees that no refunds will be issued from the Customer's side if FelBoost successfully delivers the service. Customer agrees to issue a refund in accordance with FelBoost Refund Policy. We urge all our Customers who want to issue a refund to contact us first before filing a PayPal dispute. FelBoost administration is available at all times, and we are eager to resolve any issues our Customers might have.



All mentioned World of Warcraft brand names are the sole property of Blizzard Entertainment Inc. FelBoost does not claim any ownership of these registered trademarks. FelBoost does not claim ownership of any virtual items gained before, during or after our service. All virtual items obtained through FelBoost services are owned by respective original licensors of World of Warcraft. FelBoost is in no way affiliated with these companies. Some content presented on FelBoost website may be subjected to third party licenses. All original licensors of the materials may protect their rights in the event of any violation of this agreement. It is not allowed to use FelBoost logo or another element of FelBoost corporate identity without our written consent. All media and contents created by FelBoost is considered FelBoost Intelectual Property and is protected by copyright laws.