Refund Policy

Refund Policy Rules:

Thank you for using FelBoost services. We are doing our best to meet all the requirements of our customers and to resolve any issues they might have. Further down in our Refund Policy you can find some helpful information. In case you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase please contact our customer support.

FULL REFUND is given in the following instances:
  • The boost has not yet begun, and you want to cancel your order.
  • Our booster is unable to deliver the service in accordance with the earlier agreed terms.
PARTIAL REFUND is given in the following instances:
  • We offer a PARTIAL REFUND if our boost has already started and you want to cancel your order. The refund will be proportionate with how much service was completed for you.
  • PARTIAL REFUND (70% cash back) is given if you booked one of our raid services and canceled it before the appointed time.
  • If you ordered Gladiator boost and we successfully delivered the service, but disqualification followed, we offer a PARTIAL REFUND (20% cash back).
Additional notice

We do not have any influence over external issues such as actions conducted by Blizzard (suspensions or bans). Therefore we cannot be held responsible for it. We do not offer refunds for successfully completed services. Accepting Terms of Agreement is mandatory. In case you violate Terms of Agreement we cannot provide any refunds.