Privacy Policy


Users of FelBoost services are Individuals who purchase our services, as well as individuals who visit FelBoost website without making a purchase. Every use of FelBoost services is subject to FelBoost Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Each user of FelBoost services (the Customer) is required to carefully read and fully accept our Privacy Policy. FellBoost needs to collect certain information to provide, secure, maintain and improve our services. Customer warrants that all information he/she supplies to FelBoost administration is correct, accurate and complete. Privacy Policy explains what information we collect, how we use them, and how we protect that information. Felboost does not share any personal information with third party subjects. FelBoost does not tolerate any kind of internet fraud. Customer confirms that no safety method is completely secured, regardless of strict actions FelBoost uses to assure security and that FelBoost can not be held responsible for external issues that are out of our control. FelBoost reserves the right to make changes to Privacy Policy. These adjustments do not happen often, and FelBoost is not required to notify the Customer about them. It is the Customer's duty to pay interest to this page if he/she wishes to be up to date with current regulations. FelBoost has the right to use all received data to protect it’s legal rights, in case a potential legal issue arises, e.g. in the event of an unauthorized unilateral breach of the contract by the Customer; in case the Customer refuses peaceful settlement of the potential conflict, etc.

Personal Information

Customer may choose to provide us with certain information to help us improve and personalize customer experience across our Services. This information can include personal information; contact details (such as email and Skype); basic account information, for the purpose of better user experience. In case customer purchased FelBoost service that includes account-share play type the customer will be asked to share their Battle Net (World of Warcraft) account credentials, including login and password. To complete the purchase, all customers will be required to supply personal information including, but not limited to name, email, and valid address. FelBoost will use this information for customer identification and verification. FelBoost will also use collected information to enable payment processing. All payments are processed via Visa and Master Card, and FelBoost does not use and do not collect credit/debit card personal information. All required personal information is specifically listed in a product purchase form that customer fills in before making a purchase.

Tracking Technologies FelBoost Uses

We at Felboost use tracking technologies such as Facebook Pixel, Google Pixel, and Adroll Pixel, and other similar technologies to analyze trends, run the website, check user movement around our website, and collect demographic data about our users. We may combine non-personal data we collected through these technologies with other data about you, including personal data, for instance, when you log into your Felboost account.

What Personal Data Facebook Pixels, Google Pixels, and Adroll Pixels Collect

Facebook Pixels collect data such as buttons clicked by website visitors, the labels of those buttons and any page which is visited as a consequence of the button click. Google pixels collect the data from your Google account and other places or activities, such as:

  • Stuff you search for
  • Videos you look at
  • Ads you looked at or clicked
  • Your location
  • Sites you visit
  • Apps, browser, and devices you utilize to access Google

Adroll Pixels collect the following kinds data on any page where the pixels are present, including:

  • HTTP Headers — which are sent by default from your browser to any server request. These include data such as IP address, user agent (browser model and version), the referrer (URL of the page that linked to the page you’re visiting), and the URL of the page you’re on.
  • Ad-specific data — advertisable ID and pixel ID, which are used to identify the account of Felboost in Adroll system.
  • Website activity — actions you took on our site while you navigated through our web pages that have Adroll Pixels.
  • User Identifiers — every browser receives a unique identifier (Cookie ID) so Felboost can recognize that browser.


How Felboost Uses your Personal Data

Expect in the cases below, Felboost doesn’t share or disclose your personal data. We will never monetize that data. Felboost only uses it to provide better service and optimize your experience with a relevant promotion or offer. Felboost collects and stores data, including personal data, to improve and optimize our service, including:

  • Analyzing the interaction and performance of our service.
  • Debuging and identifying problems that undermine functionality.
  • Detecting security breaches, defending against deceptive, malicious, illegal, or fraudulent activity.

Advertising. Felboost may utilize your personal data to deliver targeted ads including to customers directly and via unaffiliated advertising partners, to monitor how effective ads are, and find the audience who will most respond to ads.

Communication. Felboost may communicate with you through chat and email to verify your account and for informational and operational purposes, such as customer support, account management, or system maintenance.

Marketing. Felboost may use your personal data to send you info about our products, including promotional emails.

How You Can Control the Collection of Your Personal Data

As you enter Felboost site, you’ll have an option to select which cookies you accept we can use. In that cookie pop-up, you’ll have an option to decline the collection of your personal data through cookies. You can also decline the collection of your personal data by navigating to the settings sector of your browser and by declining all third-party cookies and technologies. Or, for smartphones, limiting ad tracking or resetting the advertiser identifier through the privacy setting on your smartphone.


FelBoost uses cookies to improve customers user experience, track shopping basket contents and keep track of the order process. Cookies are tiny text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites. We use cookies to help identify and verify your computer so we can tailor your user experience, track shopping basket content and remember where you are in the order process. If you disable cookies during the order process, this may prevent our services from functioning properly. In that case, FelBoost can not be held accountable for any consequences of service malfunction. The following is strictly necessary for the operation of our website: to track and remember what is in your shopping basket; to keep track where you are in the order process. The following are not strictly necessary but are required to provide you with the best user experience and also to tell us which pages you find most interesting (anonymously): Felboost will use cookies to offer live chat support (if available); Track the pages you visit on our website via Google Analytics.


We highly value and respect the privacy of each Customer, and we recognize the importance of protecting the personal information provided to us. We apply appropriate protocols and verified encryption technologies to detect and prevent any unauthorized access, alteration or destruction of the information under FelBoost control. Certified encrypted connection protects all data exchanged between the Customer and FelBoost, verified and ensured by Cloudflare SSL public audit. We review our information collection and processing practices, to prevent unauthorized access to systems or sensitive Customer information. FelBoost uses Premium VPN (virtual private network) servers to deliver services that include account-share play type.

Data Protection

All of Felboost oblige to protect the privacy of all our customers. The protection of your privacy throughout the course of processing personal data, as well as the safety of all business data, are important concerns to us. We process personal data that was collected during your visit to our online offers confidentially and only in accordance with statutory regulations. We only collected the necessary, basic data about our customers/users and data necessary for business and informing users in accordance to good business customers and in the service of providing a more quality service. You have a choice, including whether you want to be removed from the email list used for marketing purposes. All user/customer data is safely stored and available only to employees who need it for essential tasks. All employees of Felboost are responsible for following this data protection notice.

Safeguarding Confidential User Data

During the entering of payment card information, confidential information is transferred through a public network in encrypted form via the usage of SSL protocol and PKI system, since this is the currently most advanced form of encrypting technology. The safety of data during shopping is guaranteed by the payment cards processor Chip Card a.d Belgrade, so the complete process of payment is done on Chip Card secure page. This data isn’t available to FelBoost system during a single moment of payment.