Overwatch 2018 Anniversary Event

overwatch anniversary

Overwatch Anniversary 2018

Blizzard is celebrating its second Overwatch Anniversary this month, and it’s going to be absolutely amazing. The Event started on May 22nd and it will last until June 11th. For these 3 weeks, they’ve prepared a ton of new content, including new items, voice lines, animations, maps and more. If you haven’t logged in already, make sure you do! There’s a legendary loot box waiting for you if you log in during the second anniversary.
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Overwatch’s second Anniversary brought 190 new Overwatch items for us. This includes the 60 items that were already available in the previous anniversary. In these 190 new items, they’ve included character skins, weapon skins, dance emotes, voice lines, and more. Basically, every type of item got at least one kind of upgrade for each hero. Now, we know you’re most curious about skins so here are the numbers. From these 190 new items, 50 are cosmetic types, and in these 50 items, there are 8 new legendary skins and 3 new epic skins that you will be able to purchase during the anniversary only.
Aside from purchasing these skins for gold, there are two new ways on how you can acquire a legendary skin. First is to log in during the 2nd Overwatch anniversary. By doing this you will get a free legendary anniversary loot box with one legendary skin inside. And second is to purchase 50 anniversary loot boxes, and you will get another legendary loot box.

Game News

If you don’t already own the game, there is a new edition of Overwatch – Overwatch Gold. In this bundle, aside from unlocking the game, you will get 5 random legendary Overwatch skins and 5 random Epic Overwatch skins, as well as the skins from the Overwatch Origins event.
Aside from getting all the new and shiny items, Blizzard has made some changes to the gameplay as well. If you’re a fan of deathmatch game mode, you will be pleased to hear that there is a new map for you called Petra. And also, for all of you crazy, level-loving people, there’s a huge announcement. Blizzard has increased experience gained to twice the amount you would ordinarily get!
We wish you a happy anniversary and good luck in the loot boxes!