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Overwatch is a crazy, six versus six-game, where an individual is forced to rely on team members in order to overcome the opposing team. But, as with most team-oriented games, the biggest obstacle sometimes are your team members!We know that you have experienced your fair share of leavers, trolls, flamers, and all other kinds of toxic players that impede your chances of winning and that you’ve had enough!

That is why we offer a large variety of services, including Overwatch Rank Boost, Overwatch Coaching, and even Overwatch Placement matches.

You probably already know that by climbing up the ladder you encounter a lot less of the above-mentioned players and start to enjoy the gameplay for what it really should be - The flawless symphony of a well-organized team, with active voice communication and coordinated attack strategies. That is why our Overwatch Rank Boost is the best way to climb up the ladder and start enjoying the game.

For our services, you can choose to play alongside our professional boosters and experience first-hand what it feels like to constantly stomp the opposition, or you can let us log into your account and reach any rating of your choosing.

All of our boosters are professional and extremely skilled players with the rating of grandmaster or above (Top 500), who will perform any task of your choosing, and even increase the win percentage of your favorite heroes.

If you are interested in getting better and increasing your game knowledge, we offer Overwatch Coaching where you will be paired with some of the world’s best players. They will share pro tips and tricks for any hero you choose, they will help you get a deeper understanding of the game, and also help you utilize different maps to your advantage. Coaching also includes voice chat, so you can learn while you play, and also receive constructive criticism which will help you in the long run.

In case you choose to leave your account in our safe hands, we also offer a live stream link, free of charge, so you can watch us play and destroy the enemy in your name!

For any questions or custom services feel free to contact our friendly support that is online 24 hours of the day.

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Why us?

24/7 Friendly Customer Support

Whether you have questions about your order, aren’t sure what game boosting service you need, or simply want to say hi, you can contact our customer support every day of the year, at any time you want. You can use the live chat option, Skype/Email — [email protected] —, Discord channel — FelBoost#7157. We will help you with any problem, question, or concern. And, our friendly customer service will greet you with a smile—every time

Your Security is Our First Priority

When it comes to any game boosting service, your security is king. We protect it like it really is one. That’s why we only hire top professional boosters who know how to handle customer safety and protection. Your boost will be discrete as well. Every order is completed through a premium VPN technology to ensure your account is protected. Not to mention that no one will know about your orders. Not your friends, nor your enemies. Or any game provider on the globe.

Limitless Money-Back Guarantee

We will never keep your money if you are not satisfied with your order. We strive to be the best game boosting service provider. That’s why we put your satisfaction at the heart of our organization. Your money will be in escrow — not sent to anyone — until you decide you are satisfied with your boost. Our money-back guarantee doesn’t expire. It doesn’t have a 30-day, 60-day period. It’s available until you like what you ordered.

Cutting-Edge Website Security

Our website features both SSL and HTTPS encryptions. Every byte of data you enter on our site will pass a highly secure encryption process. No one will be able to view it, access it, or use it for malicious purposes. Everything is virus-free, malware-free, phishing-free, and with zero chance of someone eavesdropping. Your password, login info, and any private data are completely safe—Felboost, your security, always.

Complete Anonymity

We will never share your private data with anyone. All our boosts are completely anonymous. When you order, any information you enter on our website will be thoroughly encrypted. Only you and our account manager will have access to it. After we complete your boost successfully, we will erase your entire data from our servers. No one will know about your boost. Not even companies like Blizzard.

Rapid Delivery Time

When you order a game boosting service, you don’t only spend your money. You spend your valuable time, as well. No one likes to wait for boosts. You want to play the game. We know. That’s why we take pride in completing your runs and orders as soon as possible. Without problems. Without delays. With speed. In silence. As soon as you make an order on our website, our friendly customer support will contact you through your preferred communication channel. Really soon after, your boosting will start.