WoW Raid Boost

Hello and welcome to Felboost. We take pride in successfully providing boosting services to over 10,000 customers in the last four years. If you’re looking for a WoW raid boost, well… your search is over.

Besides the old Ny’Alotha, N’Zoth, and Glacial Tidestorm raids, we offer Castle Nathria boost. Whether you’re new to raiding or just want a quick WoW raid carry, we got you covered. Here, you’ll learn a bit about raiding, your motivation for it, how you should behave during one, as well as all there’s to know about the heroic Castle Nathria boost.

Motivation for Raid

The best rule you should know about raids is that they’re long-term group efforts. You’ll need a lot of patience, as well as be a great team player. Although players obtain some of the best gear out there from raids, this isn’t a great motivation for them.

Most of the time, players raid because they represent some of the hardest PvE challenges out there. The desire to defeat, or master, something really hard. Often, raids require long-term planning, building, and keeping one team: a close-knit family of players who progress as one. The most motivated players are those who run raids because they like to defeat PvE challenges, whether the whole thing turns out to be a wipe night, a first boss kills, or a loot run.

That’s why, a lot of the time, different kinds of players decide to use the WoW raid boost. Whether because they don’t have the time to run the same raid over and over again, don’t have the adequate team or guild for that matter.

Different Motivations for Different Players

Those who’re in for the loot, or collecting achievements, won’t gain a lot of fun from raiding. Most of the time, you’ll have to follow a formal loot distribution process like DKP — Dragon Kill Points. With a formal loot distribution system, you won’t normally gain epic loot, since teams distribute gear on the basis of what will work for the raid’s future success. Not what’s great for you as an individual team member.

No wonder that a lot of the time, players decide to use a WoW raid carry in order to collect the gear they’re looking for as fast as possible.

Remember, there’s a difference between going in a raid for personal goals like just wanting to have fun, and team-based objectives like “We want to defeat that boss”. However, just like in many other real life team situations, these two goals don’t have to be in war. If your goals align with your team’s success, even giving a weapon or armor to someone else can be a satisfying experience.

Meaning that you should be polite. Also, while raiding, you should never place your individual objectives over those of the whole team. In other words, remember the golden rule — raiding is a team effort that needs a lot of time and is no place for achieving personal loot goals. A WoW raid boost, on the other hand, is the perfect place for it.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining a Raid

Before you decide to go all raid and join a group or a guild, you should ask yourself the next questions:

  • Do I want to regularly spend two nights (at a minimum) every week playing raids?
  • Would I like, really like, paying every raid gear maintenance of about 500 gold, plus up to about a seven thousands gold coins for consumables? Without getting anything in return?
  • Will I be fine if someone else gets the weapon I wanted, even if guild politics decide who gets it? Not raid requirements?
  • Will I be able to balance my want for individuality with the requirement of conforming to the expectations of the team or guild?
  • Do I actually enjoy my current class and role, and will I like playing it for a long time?

Only if you answered all of these questions with a clear and simple “yes” should you really consider raiding. Most of the time, raiding requires a lot of effort and time, while its rewards are small. Fortunately, you can always go with a WoW raid boost.

Castle Nathria Raid

Now it’s time to speak about Castle Nathria. It will be the first raid in Shadowlands, brimming with bosses, loot, amazing rewards, and more. Like other parts of Revendreth, Castle Nathria has a gothic feel to it, most likely inspired by Dracula’s fortress.

The raid is a gothic-style stronghold towering above the rest of Revendreth. You can find the entrance in the center zone of Revendreth. For now, the closest flight path is the one near the Menagerie of the Master. Imagine that. A real Dracula’s castle with 10-boss heroic and mythic bosses? Fortunately, this is the place where you can find Castle Nathria boost.

Everything in Castle Nathria will be vampire-like. It is ruled by the Leaders of Venthyr covenant who will be the key bosses. The whole dungeon has a winged-like form, in which you have a choice to descend into the royal quarters or explore the catacombs. Every of the three wings has three different bosses. After you kill them, you’ll be allowed to access the upper levels of the raid, where the hardest bosses lay in wait. Or, you can always buy Castle Nathria boost.

The Great Vault: Raid Goals

When you kill bosses in Castle Nathria, whether on normal, heroic, or mythic, you will progress in Great Vault Raid weekly goals. Even have the chance to add Castle Nathria loot into your choices when you gain access to your Great Vault. In other words, select one piece of gear as your weekly bonus.

If you want to get bonuses in the form of Raid loot in your Great Vault, you’ll need to defeat at least three bosses. In addition, if you defeat seven, and then all ten Raid bosses, you’ll increase your probability to receive additional loot, up to three pieces. This is where Castle Nathria boost comes in handy, if you are just looking for loot.

Castle Nathria Boost

If you buy Castle Nathria boost, you can be rest assured you’ll get the quickest clearing run of this first raid in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. With the Castle Nathria boost, you’ll get to experience a lightning-fast rush through all ten bosses in this vampire-like raid along pro, top-rated PvE players.

Clear all nine wings in this amazing “Dracula’s Castle” inspired raid on normal and heroic difficulty. Even Castle Nathria ultimate boss, Sire Denathrius. Earn the best possible loot, gear, weapons and armor. All while not having to complete dozens of runs with the guild you don’t really like.

The Gear You’ll Get if you Buy Castle Nathria Boost

Now that we know the Shadowlands level and ilvl, we can determine what kind of loot Castle Nathria bosses will drop. In Castle Nathria, you’ll fight ten bosses. The last two drop higher ilvl than the first eight bosses. Rather than gaining weapons, you’ll get Anima Spherules in this raid.

Anime Spherules are weapon tokens you’ll be able to redeem at your Covenant. Moreover, in Castle Nathria you have a chance to find Memory of the Runecarver Legendary item recipes from some of the bosses. In addition, you may also receive Soulbind Conduits from other bosses.

Just like Ny’alotha raid, killing the two strongest bosses in Castle Nathria will let you acquire a bit higher item levels than from the first eight bosses. Since in Shadowlands, you can’t Warforge or Titanforge your gear, it is much easier to predict the ilvl of drops. The ilvl gear you’ll get if you buy Castle Nathria boost is:

  • On raid finder, for the first eight bosses, 187 ilvl, and 194 ilvl for the last two.
  • On normal, for the first eight bosses, 200 ilvl, and 207 ilvl for the last two.
  • On heroic, for the first eight bosses, 213 ilvl, and 220 ilvl for the last two.

You should also know this will likely be the maximum item level gear available when the Shadowlands and content patch come out. And the heroic Castle Nathria boost will be the quickest and most efficient way to obtain it.

More Details on the Gear You’ll get if you Buy Castle Nathria Boost

Like we said, you won’t get any weapons drops in Castle Nathria. Rather, you’ll get Anime Spherules. You can then redeem these Off-hand, Weapon, and Shield tokens at your Covenant. Two different bosses always drop Anima Spherules, which gives you two different chances per run to receive your piece. In addition, the last two bosses, Sire Denathrius and Stone Guard Generals, give better ilvl gear and drop a single Anima Spherule.
If you buy Castle Nathria boost, you’ll also get a chance to receive a Memory of the Runecarver Legendary Recipe. This is because every boss past the first one drops them. Moreover, it’s likely that a General Memory of the Runecarver for every spec will drop on your first run.

When it comes to transmongs, Castle Nathria offers neither class-specific or Covenant-based transmog appearances. Rather, every kind of armor — Cloth, Leather, Mail, and Plate — comes with a gothic-like appearance that communicates the atmosphere of Castle Nathria.

In addition, there’s a chance that Artificer Xy’mos drops Portable Pocket Dimension, which is a 32-slot bag. Apparently, it’s flavor text suggests that Dungeons and Dragons Bag of Holding inspires the artifact: “However weighty the content, this bag’s form and weight never change”.

Although this bag will likely be the only non-gear artifact, it isn’t the only artifact that gives a pop-culture reference in flavor text. For instance, Stoneguard Attendant’s Boots, plate item that drops from The Council of Blood, in the so-called “dancing encounter”, appear to suggest extremely agility of plate wearing specs: “Both of these boots are suited for the left foot”.

The heroic Castle Nathria boost will likely last at least for 3-4 hours. That’s it! See you in our boost!