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Hi there. Welcome to Felboost — one of the top rated boosting providers in the world. If you were looking for a WoW PvP arena carry, you have come to the right place. And not just that. We offer more than one WoW Arena boost service like Coaching, if you are interested in improving your PvP gameplay.
In this post, we’ll explain what World of Warcraft player versus player combat is, what types of PvP currently exist, the difference between arena and battleground, World PvP, and more. We’ll also talk about what rewards await you for successfully progressing through PvP tiers, from pvp-based weapons and armor to skills and trinkets, as well as what that progression includes. Last but not least, we’ll talk about what is a WoW PvP boost service and what kind of glorious loot awaits you if you decide to order one.

What is World of Warcraft Player Vs Player?

When playing World of Warcraft, PVP, or Player vs. Player, is fighting between players that comes in many forms. This is a completely different aspect than PVE — where players fight enemies a computer controls. For starters, we have duels — one on one fights that happen in controlled environments. You can’t do them inside towns. Although, small cities and places outside the entrance to capital towns are popular dueling locations.


Then we have the Arena PVP System. This is where most folks come for a WoW arena boost service to gain better rating and loot faster. Arenas are preorganized tournaments you can join whenever you want. In them, 2v2, and 3v3 matches happen all the time. You create your team either with strangers you find in public or with friends. The better your team plays, and the more you defeat the similarly rated teams, the higher your team rating goes.
Remember you can always go with a WoW PvP arena boost if you can’t find good team players for your arena. Most of the time, public players are mutes, don’t understand strategy, or are plain toxic. This is why a lot of gamers choose to go with our WoW arena boost until they reach an adequate rating and start to play with those who know how to cooperate.
Since they don’t have a particular objective, in arena players can completely focus on fighting itself, which is why arenas offer one of the most intense and balanced Player versus Player combat in the game.


There are also Battlegrounds — huge Alliance vs Horde battles. They’re basically competitive team fights with specific goals like resource collection and capture the flag. Battleground teams come in the form of 10 versus 10, 20 versus 20, all the way up to 40 versus 40. Every battleground has its own unique map, kind of game, and specific objective. You’ll need to queue for them. And once a battleground starts and teams are filled, you’ll be teleported to it.
Rated Battlegrounds, on the other hand, are way more difficult battles. They come with premade teams and place emphasis on how groups are formed and what strategy they use. Rated Battlegrounds also offer better reward.
Last but not least, PvP Brawls were made to provide battleground PvP more chaos and promote the nostalgia of evergreen gameplay. While WoW PvP boost service isn’t often used for battlegrounds, an occasional carry will still give you an edge in battlegrounds due to loot and equipment rewards. Both are specifically made for PvP combat.

PvP Zones and War Games

PvP zones represent huge places similar to battlegrounds, and tend to have vehicles and buildings you can destroy. You can adjust team sizes in order to match the number of players. Different from a battleground, PvP zone is only realm-specific and doesn’t run like an instance. Rather, it takes place only at a particular time. When you win in a PvP zone, you’ll gain access to dailies, loot, and even some raids.
On the other hand, War Games represent unrated practice matches that users can initiate. You can start them in any arena or battleground. Although these don’t give XP, achievements, honor points, or wins and losses tracking, they’re still a popular relaxation habit for many players. War Games are also played for fun, practice, and recruitment goals.

World Player versus Player

World PvP is mostly based on random PvP fights between two or more gamers within the realm. While Arenas and battlegrounds are controlled, structured PvP experiences, World PvP is beyond chaotic. Combat isn’t balanced, provoked at all, and is one of the craziest and unfair Player versus Player experiences around.
World PvP usually comes when both gamers are flagged for player vs player. This occurs far more in PvP realms. Until the Battle for Azeroth, there were no rewards for world PvP. This is also a nice place where WoW PvP boost service can mean a lot in terms of pvp-based items and weapons.
World Player versus player also has various goals. For instance, some locations give specific PvP-related goals, like towers that players can claim in order to give their faction particular bonuses. Players often fight a lot to achieve these goals. Other zones come with daily quest progression and zone-based PvP trinkets.

Battle for Azeroth War Mode

In this mode, you have an option of toggling on and off PvP in capital towns like Orgrimmar (Horde) and Stormwind City (Alliance). On whichever server you like. If you decide to venture in the world with PvP mode on, you’ll gain extra rewards like Azerite or additional XP. With so many players going for the War Mode gameplay, Blizzard was able to develop a World pvp experience around those who want to join it.

What is a WoW PVP Boost Service?

This kind of service comes in all shapes and sizes. For example, in a WoW PvP arena boost, you either play alongside our boosters who have a skill level of a gladiator. This boost is beyond useful for boosting your arena rating. You can also live stream completely free and gain arena based achievements. Not to mention pvp-based gear, items, weapons and armor. Even the coveted mounts and gladiator sinister transmog.
On the other hand, during a coaching boost, you’ll receive positive feedback and constructive criticism from expert players. You’ll take your gameplay to the next level, learn from every fight, receive a complete analysis of your playstyle, and finally understand when and why you make mistakes. And how to avoid them. 
Our boosters will also help you with user interface optimization, as well as optimize your addons and macros. In this WoW PvP carry service you’ll learn which talents you should pick and which are adequate for your class or spec. You’ll receive some of the best pvp lessons out there as well.
However, what makes all our boosting services alike is that there’s a minimal chance of disqualification or ban. We also guarantee quick and secure order delivery. Although some suspensions or account bans may occur in high rating battles, particularly in account-sharing mode, we strongly recommend that you try self-play mode first. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of a ban, account suspension, or disqualification.

What Rewards come with a WoW Arena Boost Service?

When you’re fighting in an Arena, you’ll be able to gain various PvP-based gear, items and weapons. These come as drops when you win brackets. The higher your rating is, the better the rewards. Although, you should know that these drop-based items don’t occur every time you win a match. In fact, these only drop on rare instances.
That is why a lot of players decide to go with a WoW Arena carry and save themselves the trouble of endless arena grinds for better loot. There are several tiers of item levels you can get, ranging from 370 ilvl to 415 ilvl. Of course, for ilvl 405 or higher, you’ll need a gladiator rating.
However, remember that seasons will also play a role in determining the level of the rewarded gear. For example, during the Second Season, the item level of every ranked PvP reward is increased by 30+. Also, the reward tier for wined matches drops at 385 ilvl during the first week of every new season. This will determine what kind of PvP appearance you’ll gain as well the item level of the armor.

PvP Titles and Rewards

WoW features different PvP titles, depending on your ranking. Only the greatest 0.01% of player vs player combatants have the first, or Gladiator rank. Fortunately, with a WoW 3v3 PvP Arena boost you can reach Gladiator rank easy and quickly. While on the subject of Gladiator rank, once you acquire it, you’ll also gain a PvP mount. Moreover, know that once you reach 2400 CR, you’ll join the Elite Bracket. In it, you’ll acquire loot such as class-specific titles and unique tabards (Sinister Gladiator Tabard for the faction you’re in).
When it comes to what specific mount you’ll get, the most recent ones are based on the combat in Darkshore. To acquire mounts, you’ll need to increase your Rated PvP section. This is a bit different than the standard PvP Conquest bar. Basically, there are two types of mounts you can gain, depending on which faction you’re in:

  • Vicious Black Warsaber – Alliance
  • Vicious Black Bonesteed – Horde

Not to mention that once you fill up your progress bar entirely at least one time, you’ll not only acquire Vicious Black Bonesteed or Vicious Black Warsaber, you’ll also gain a Vicious Saddle any time you fill it up again. You can then exchange the Vicious Saddle for quite a number of mounts.

Sinister Gladiator Set and Transmogs

Once you acquire the Gladiator level, you’ll be able to use two distinct varieties for Sinister Gladiator armor paint. To gain the usual Gladiator armor set, you’ll need to unlock regular PvP loot acquisition in WoW BFA.
How your Elite Sinister Gladiator armor will look depends on the items you collect along the way. To unlock them, you’ll need to fill up specific CR tiers in the BFA PvP system. Keep in mind that you’ll also receive various PvP rewards if you decide to go with a WoW PvP arena boost. You should also know that if you have any concern or question about any of this, you can easily contact our friendly customer service.

How You Progress in WoW PVP

When you kill a player of an opposing faction who has the same or higher level, you’ll gain honor points. This applies up to eight level lower than yours. If you kill a gamer who’s way too low-level, you won’t gain honor points at all. Actually, other players view this as a kind of bad sportsmanship.
From Cataclysm, you get honor points for joining non-rated battlegrounds. While you get conquest points for rated battlegrounds.
When it comes to Arena PvP, at the end of each week you get your Arena Team’s rating. Depending on the size of the team (2v2, 3v3), number of games, and their rating, you gain different amounts of rating. Of course, if you win you’ll boost your rating and vice versa. If you decide to forfeit, disconnect, or leave the Arena prematurely, you’ll lower your team’s rating.
This is where WoW Arena boost comes in handy, since it can propel your character to higher rating games where the real PvP battles happen. Who doesn’t like to skip the boring bits?
You’ll have to play 30% of the overall Arena matches your team fought in order to receive Arena Points at the end of the week. For instance, if you joined only three games but your team fought a total of 11 games that week, you won’t gain any Arena points after the week gets updated. Moreover, remember that if you got more Arena points from your 3v3 teams based on their Arena rating, you’ll receive points precisely for your Arena 3v3 rating, not for 2v2 rating.