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If you don’t like the idea of grinding and hoarding gold for ages, you should definitely check out our WoW Gold service. It’s a safe way to get all the gold that you need in less than 8 hours. In most cases, the service will be completed in about 15 MINUTES, and prices are the same for ALL SERVERS. Your Gold Package can be delivered through 3 different trading methods. We don’t use bots or any other hacks; all our Gold Suppliers are real players with high-level accounts. They provide the most professional service and guarantee fast delivery. If you’re not sure which Delivery Method to choose or you want to know more about WoW Gold, feel free to contact us. Our support will be glad to help you out anytime.

No matter which Delivery Method you decide to use, our Suppliers will never:

  • Ask for your account information
  • Ask for your Skype, email or any other contact information
  • Ask you to return the gold you received
  • Give any clues during the service that might indicate you are purchasing gold. They will make sure not to compromise you in any way


  • World of Warcraft Legion account with active subscription
  • If you decide to use Delivery Method 2, please read the additional notice further down
  • After making an order, please follow the instructions from our agent

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Delivery Method 1
In-game Face 2 Face

Our Supplier’s character will meet your character in-game and transfer gold to you directly through trade. You can choose trade time and location that work the best for you.

Delivery Method 2
Auction House

You’ll pick an item from your inventory and put it on Auction House. Our Supplier will then buy your item, and you’ll receive the arranged amount of gold.

Delivery Method 3
In-game mail

Your gold will be delivered directly to your in-game mailbox. Our Supplier will send you a mail containing all the gold that you ordered. This service is done in an hour.

WoW Gold Packages are available on both EU and US servers. Simply pick the Gold Package that you want, then enter your character's name and the server you're playing on. Choose preferable delivery method. ETA: 15 min to 8 hours

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Additional Notice
Applies only to Customers who use Delivery Method 2

Keep in mind that you'll receive slightly less gold than you ordered, due to Auction House Trading Fee. When you successfully sell an item on the Auction House, the house takes a small percentage as its cut. In the faction houses, this fee is 5% of the buyout price.

Additional Information