TBC Classic Leveling


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About Our WoW TBC Leveling

Welcome to our wow tbc leveling. Our WoW TBC leveling boost includes leveling up your character from level 60 up to level 70 from five to nine days (Normal), or three to six days (Fast) if you decide to go with that option. However, if you are interested in a very fast order, we also offer Express delivery time from 60 to 70 levels in two to four days. In essence, during WoW TBC leveling, our boosters will log into your account and play your character until they reach level 70. You’ll keep all gold, items, and anything else they find. Moreover, if you want you can purchase additional services like Profession Farming, Burning Crusade Gearing boost, Classic PvP, Classic Mounts, or Farming and Questing. Take a look at them in the options below. Ultimately, if you want to buy a boost you don’t see on this page, or have a question or concern, feel free to contact our friendly customer support. They are here for you 24/7, every day of the year.


  • Live Stream is FREE of charge for this service.
  • We will use account-share mode to complete your WoW TBC leveling boost.
  • To login your WoW TBC account we will use Premium VPN servers of your Country / City.
  • We offer 3 different WoW TBC Leveling packages based on delivery time - Normal - Fast or Express Leveling.
  • You can choose any additional service to be completed during/after TBC leveling boost, like Profession Farming, Burning Crusade Gearing, or WoW Classic TBC Farming, and we will complete it for you.



  • Level up your character to level 70.
  • Keep up all gold, items, and other loot we find.
  • Any additional service you select from the options above.
  • We will level up one of your professions free of charge.


Delivery Time (ETA)

  • Normal 60-70 - 5 to 9 Days
  • Fast 60-70 - 3 to 6 Days
  • Express 60-70 - 2 to 4 Days
  • Any additional options like character gearing, profession farming or any other additional services will extend delivery time.



  • You need a WoW The Burning Crusade Classic account with an active subscription.
  • You need at least one character with level 58 or higher.


Our Latest Reviews

What is WoW TBC Leveling?

WoW, TBC Classic power leveling represents a term players use to portray the procedure of leveling a character as fast as possible through a minimal amount of playtime. Folks use it to reach any level, including the maximum level. However, effective power leveling doesn’t have to take countless hours of boring gameplay. One of the best ways to level up in WoW The Burning Crusade Classic includes completing most quests and running dungeons. Keep in mind that power leveling means to level up fast and efficiently.

The Burning Crusade Classic — A Nostalgia Renewed

Why would you want to play a game that's 15 years old? Well, it's not just any game. World of Warcraft is an MMORPG released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment and it quickly became the most popular multiplayer online role-playing game. It was also revolutionary for its time because of how many people could take part in one server. Today, more than 100 million players have logged into the original release so there are plenty of reasons why you should give it a try!

Now, besides WoW Classic, The Burning Crusade Classic has joined the fray! Revisit the time when the Twisting Nether and Outland just became available. Fight across shattered remains of the once gorgeous orc home planet — Draenor. Level up your character to level 70, or use a Burning Crusade boost for faster results. Mount glamorous flying mount for the first time in Classic and explore two more races.

  • The mysterious Blood Elves as the part of the Horde.
  • The god-fearing Draenei who have joined Alliance.
  • As it has been in previous Blizzard releases such as Warlords or Legion, for example, players can continue their adventures from where they left off at any time by logging into their existing account on another realm. However this doesn't make what you're fighting easy! You'll be going up against some pretty powerful enemies who will test your skills.

    Burning Crusade Leveling is Hard

    The Burning Crusade is the first expansion for World of Warcraft. It includes new races, a new continent, and some of the most difficult quests in any MMO to date. If you're not careful, you'll find yourself grinding levels for hours on end just to get past that one quest objective.

    Blizzard Entertainment has been striving to make leveling up in Burning Crusade World of Warcraft a little bit easier. In this latest release, you will be able to progress faster and enjoy it more than ever before by taking advantage of new in-game bonuses such as the XP bonus that grants 20% additional experience for killing monsters or completing quests.

    However, we can’t sugar-coat anything here. Burning Crusade Leveling is hard. You can’t easily reach level 70. The record for leveling to level 70 in WoW Burning Crusade is one and a half days. But without going to rest, pee, eat, work, or do anything in life, really. Not to mention that this is a record. If you do it in a typical way, even with above-average reflexes, game knowledge, and skills, you’ll need 10 to 14 to level up your hero to level 70. This is over one hundred hours of significantly effective gameplay.

    While leveling is often a wondrous journey, it is nevertheless a long one. With new players, it's even worse. Someone new can take anywhere between 20 and 25 days of playtime. This a long amount of time, but you can reduce it in several ways. For starters, you can use a TBC leveling boost. Or, learn some basic strategies we will discuss in the sections below.

    If you travel from zone to zone and complete every single quest, you’ll just end up without any quest before you reach the maximum level. Basically, there aren’t a lot of available quests, particularly after level 60, for anyone to use for pure TBC leveling.

    If you ask anyone what the most boring part of their gameplay experience was, they will tell you it was leveling. The same is true for World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic. Rather than having to continually look for guilds and dungeons and grind, grind, and grind countless mobs, you can always use a WoW TBC leveling service. This is one of the quickest possible ways to level up.

    Leveling up is difficult. Make it into a smooth less experience with our TBC leveling boost.

    WoW TBC Leveling is Long

    When you compare Classic WoW and Retail WoW, the latter appears as a more comfortable, simple, and newcomer-friendly version of the game. Classic WoW, on the other hand, brings a lot to the table. The majority of WoW Classic revolves around grinding and leveling until you reach the endgame in order to experience the actually great content.

    The issue is, there is no way to actually speed run the leveling and grinding part. A player has to tediously complete every single quest in order to acquire experience. Just killing monsters doesn’t solve the problem either. It’s a long way process with diminishing returns.

    Even though The Burning Crusade is only an expansion, reaching level 70 requires a lot of time. Especially when you add all the time you need to spend to already have a level 58 character. Even more, if they need good gear.

    To go into detail, you need to travel to a particular zone way longer, and to level up becomes a much longer job. This is why a TBC leveling boost can help you out. You no longer will have to continually search for quests, travel, or play through any other tedious part.

    As players return to playing Burning Crusade Classic they will find that leveling up has its challenges in this new era world because there are no quests for players below level 20-25 so it’s been said that leveling becomes very difficult without a guide or friends on your server helping you out with their alts at higher levels who can help you during questing.

    Why Should You Get a WoW TBC Leveling Boost?

    Well, you can do this for several reasons. The first is the fact that Blizzard’s World of Warcraft has traveled a long path from its “Classic” roots in various manners. For starters, in The Burning Crusade Classic, leveling up focuses a lot on grinding. Also, on finding teams to a dungeon with.

    This is especially hard when you realize that in The Burning Crusade Classic, you can’t automatically find teams for dungeons. You have to chat, organize, and sync in order to even start a dungeon. Whether you’ll actually run them depends on the team composition, how good the players are. Even with this, toxic and mute teams have made lots of good players completely screw up their dungeon runs.

    If you don’t have the time to go through all the boring bits, it's completely understandable to use someone else for it. In other words, a TBC leveling boost.


    Our procedure for ordering a boost is easy:

    ● You will first need to register on our website.

    ● After you sign up, search for the boost you want to buy.

    ● When you find it, click on it.

    ● Proceed to the cart page.

    ● From the cart page, go to the checkout page.

    ● After you complete your purchase, we will contact you with further info.

    ● And Voila! Your boost has begun.

    While your WoW Classic leveling service is running, you shouldn’t log in or in any way go to your account. This is because these may raise red flags for your account. Moreover, before you hand us over your account, you should mute any friend so that they don’t contact your character and misinterpret everything.

    Our boosters need to pass a high admission bar before they can start working for us. They need to be able to win any tournament, as well as complete any quest or dungeon. That’s why at Felboost, only the most talented players work as boosters. Your account will be in their safe hands. Every booster also uses VPN, so you don’t need to worry about any bans or disqualifications.

    Yes, you are in complete liberty to choose when the boost will begin. We always have several teams waiting to start working on any order. If you still aren’t sure about this, feel free to contact our customer service.

    Even today, not a single one of our customers received a ban for purchasing a leveling service. This is because every boost we do, we do by hand. Moreover, our boosters are required to use a VPN cloaking technology. We don’t use any bots, cheats, or other illegal programs and scripts.

    All of this guarantees a ban-less experience.

    Our professional player will need to log into your account and level up your character to maximally Level 60.

    If you want to set a time and date for your service, you can always contact our customer service. However, if we don’t agree with you otherwise, the boost will start as soon as possible, usually in less than 60 minutes after you buy it.

    Our average delivery time for the WoW Classic boost is under 24 hours. However, you can also buy an express delivery option. In this case, the delivery time will be somewhere between 8 and 12 hours.

    Yes, we have different prices based on the level your character has. Our average price 3$.

    Yes, offer various additional services like Profession Farming, Character Gearing, Farming, and Questing. If you want to make a custom order, please contact our customer support.

    Although when you buy a WoW Classic Leveling boost you’re violating Blizzard’s Terms and Conditions, our boosters are professionals in their field who use VPN and other cloaking technologies to keep your account safe. Our customers have never had a penalty, ban, disqualification, or suspension from using our boosts.

    Our boosters come from all around the globe. What makes them similar is that they are all extremely skilled in playing World of Warcraft, fluently speak English, and most importantly, they don’t work for any other boosting provider. This increases the overall security of our services.

    Account-sharing represents our standard procedure for most orders. To go into detail, our professional boosters will log into your account and play your characters while the boost lasts.

    In the cases when we didn’t deliver what we promised, or if your account gets any bans or problems, we offer a full refund of your initial payment. If you would like to know about our Refund Policy, you should take a look at our Refund Policy Page.

    Simply, no. We don’t and have never used any third-party software, bots, hacks, cheats, or any kind of script that would provide an unfair advantage over other WoW players. Each and every boost is 100% completed by hand and the skills our players have.

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