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Our professional players with a Gladiator rank will complete your WoW Gladiator boost. Felboost guarantees secure and quick delivery of your boosts. We also guarantee minimal risk of suspension or ban. We also understand the danger associated with any WoW Gladiator carry. That’s why we use Premium VPN servers. So we can cloak our boosters IP address or give them a similar IP address to your own. No one in our reviews said they got a ban from us.

Everyone in our boosting rooster is a discrete professional. We will boost your character arena rating above 2400 CR. Not to mention that we include 50 wins above 2400 CR. It is possible for disqualification or ban to occur in high rating battles. Particularly in WoW Gladiator boost. Because of this we recommend that you don’t interact with your account during the boosts.

Plus, self-play mode lowers the probability of disqualifications, bans, or account suspensions. Feel free to give a call to our friendly customer service agents if you have any questions or concerns. You can also see our reviews at Trustpilot.

In-Deepth Description

  • Live Stream is completely free of charge.
  • Our standard procedure is to run WoW Gladiator boost through account-share mode.
  • Minimal chance of disqualification with our Premium VPN servers of your Country / City.
  • We also offer WoW 3v3 Arena Boost, WoW 2v2 Arena Boost, as well as WoW Arena Coaching.
  • If you want a self-play mode, we recommend you check out our WoW Arena Self-Play / Coaching services.
  • For any more questions feel free to contact our 24/7 friendly customer support.





You’ll need to:

  • Unlock all P vs. P talents on your character.
  • At least 210+ equipped ilvl Player vs. Player equipment on your character.
  • Level 60 Character. If you don’t have time to level your own character you can order our Safe 50-60 Hand Leveling Service.


Delivery Time

  • Estimated delivery time for WoW Gladiator Boost service is approx. 1 to 4 weeks. It depends on your character current Player vs. Player progress and current season.


Our Latest Reviews

WoW Gladiator Boost

Shadowlands. The latest World of Warcraft expansion. It came with the first-ever leveling squish and plenty of new content like Covenants. Not to mention a procedurally changed, huge dungeon in Torghast, the Damned Tower. Also, six new zones.

Moreover, Blizzard changed the player vs. player system as well. Now, it’s not as easy to reach the coveted Gladiator Title. Fortunately, you can always go with a WoW Gladiator Boost. In this post, we’ll explain the new features of Shadowland’s PvP. What loot it brings. What is 3v3 Arena WoW Gladiator Boost. And what rewards you can expect from your order. Let’s begin.

Why Should You Buy Gladiator Boost?

You should buy our WoW Gladiator Boost service for many reasons. For starters, you will get the seasonal mounts from the Shadowlands expansion. If you’ve already accessed this seasonal mount, you can fill your bar again for the Vicious Saddle. As well as the access to prior seasonal mounts.

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There’s also the weekly Vault, the latest weekly box system Blizzard made in Shadowlands. The more PvP, the more roll chances you’ll gain, giving you access to a bigger variety of gear options every week. Although you can only pick a single item, when you earn Honor from rated PvP, you can get up to three bonus chances.

Also, you’ll get the ability to buy better Honor and Conquest equipment. Not to mention the Elite cosmetic set and better prestige. Ultimately, you will increase the arena viability of your class and spec. Just take a look at our reviews at Trustpilot, and you’ll have no doubts.

Shadowlands PvP

Blizzard modified the Shadowlands’ PvP system when compared to Battle for Azeroth. For example, stuff like War Mode has returned. But they also added new features like PvP vendors.

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Let’s take PvP vendors, for instance. Now, you are able to gear toward a particular goal and take particular items for PvP. Not to mention that you can also use two different PvP currencies. They're called Honor and Conquest. With them, you can upgrade your gear. No wonder a lot of players decide to buy a WoW Gladiator boost in to enhance their gear! If you want to find out more, you should check out the official Blizzard page: we’ll just give you a quick overview here.

The Season’s and Gladiator’s Mount

If you take part in the Shadowlands’ PvP seasons, you have a chance to win a mount associated with that season. So-called seasonal mounts are also present in the latest expansion Shadowlands. Moreover, the Vicious Saddle process is still present. You can earn it after you collect your seasonal mount.

Be brave, or foolhardy enough to join High Rated Arena matches. So that you may win the revered, coveted… Cosmic Gladiator's Soul Eater.

If you join the PvP season in Shadowlands, you can progress towards your first seasonal mount. You can collect Vicious Saddle every time you fulfill your seasonal mount bar. After the first time that is.

Then, you can redeem Vicious Saddles for any Vicious Mounts from the previous seasons. When the Shadowlands nears its completion, you will be able to get any Vicious Saddle. Get the whole World PvP series of achievements for the Deathbringer Title, and oh boy. Will you earn something special. The Deathbringer’s Flayedwing mount. That’s what you get with this service.

PvP Titles in WoW Gladiator Boost (Unrated, Combatant)

When you take part in Rated PvP you’ll either gain or lose ‘Rating’ from matches. This includes Arena or Battlegrounds. The rating will decide the eligible ilvl of items and gear until the end of the season. For a more in-depth approach:

Unrated (0-999)

Here, you will get weekly loot vault chances of the base item level. You won’t be able to upgrade your Conquest gear as well. You won’t get a title-based achievements when the season end. But you’re still allowed to earn Conquest and progress toward the season’s mount and Vicious Saddle.

Combatant I and II(1000-1399)

Here, you will be able to upgrade your conquest items one set level above. Also, get the title “Combatant” for that season. Not to mention an achievement at the end of the season. Moreover, you’ll get access to the Waist and Wrist slots of the Elite gear set.

PvP Titles in WoW Gladiator Boost

Challenger I and II (1400 - 1799)

Here, you’ll be eligible to upgrade your conquest gear one more level. As well as get the “Challenger” title with the according to achievement at the season’s completion. Moreover, you’ll unlock the Hand, Legs, and Feet slots of the Elite gear set.

Rival I and II (1800 - 2099)

The Rival title gives you the ability to upgrade your conquest gear one more level. As well as the according to Rival achievement. Not to mention Head, Shoulders, and Chest gear pieces of the Elite cosmetic gear set.

Duelist (2100 - 2399)

With the Duelist title, you once again unlock one upgrade level for your gear. The title itself. As well as the last piece of the Elite cosmetic gear set: Cloak. You can see whether you’ve completed your whole set in your Appearance Journal.

Elite (2400+)

The Elite title lets you upgrade your Conquest gear to the highest level available. You will also gain access to “The Elite X” as a title while the season lasts. You also get the seasonal Tabard. It represents the final seasonal cosmetic set piece.

Gladiator (50 wins with 2400+).

Introduced in BFA, the Gladiator process involves leveling to 2400 CR. As well as winning 50 games above that rating. It is the most coveted and hard to win the title of them all.
Unsuprisingly, lots of players use a World of Warcraft Gladiator Carry service. Instead of leveling and grinding for days. If you manage to reach this PvP level, you’ll gain the Gladiator achievement as well as the seasonal mount! Not to mention that our boosters are brimming with PvP experience. They can easily get you the title you want. Any title in game.

Honor and Prestige

When you join PvP in Shadowlands, you get the so-called Honor. The more Honor you have, the higher your Honor level and the ilvl of your rewards, including prestige. To gain prestige, you need to reach a particular honor Level. With Prestige, you gain access to an icon in your character frame when you turn on your War Mode.

When you join normal and rated PvP battles, you will gain conquest. You can use this to increase the item level of your equipment. You can spend both conquest and honor with the new PvP vendors you can find in the Enclave section of Oribos.

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While there’s no cap for how much honor you can earn, conquest has a weekly limit of 550 gained from Rated PvP activity. You can use both to buy pieces of Honor gear which you can later upgrade as your renown increases in your Covenant. Or PvP rating (for Conquest gear). By the way, did you know that Honor is a new type of PvP currency game developers introduced in Shadowlands? You can earn it from:

Honorable kills


Rated Battlegrounds

Epic Battlegrounds


Arena 2v2

Arena 3v3

You can later spend this to buy gear from Purveyor Zoo’kuul in Oribos. Moreover, you can upgrade that same gear at Aggressor Zo’dash. With what? Honor, of course. The highest limit of this type of upgrading is based on your Renown Level. In addition, the maximum amount of honor you can have is 15 000.


As we mentioned, Conquest is the second PvP currency you can collect. You’re leveling it from:

Arena 2v2

Arena 3v3


Rated Battleground

Epic Battleground

You can later use Conquest to buy items from Zo’sorg in Oribos. When it comes to upgrading it, visit Agressor Zo’dash. The upper level of your Conquest gear is based on your current highest rating. Either in Arena bracket or Rated Battleground. Fortunately, our World of Warcraft Gladiator boost will also bring you Conquest. When it comes to rating ilvl, it goes like this:

  • 1. 0 - 999 Rating – Unranked - 249 ilvl Gear - 262 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 2. 1000 - 1199 Rating – Combatant I - 252 ilvl Gear - 265 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 3. 1200 - 1399 Rating – Combatant II - 255 ilvl Gear - 268 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 4. 1400 - 1599 Rating – Challenger I - 259 ilvl Gear - 272 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 5. 1600 – 1799 Rating – Challenger II - 262 ilvl Gear - 275 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 6. 1800 - 1949 Rating – Rival I - 265 ilvl Gear - 278 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 7. 1950 - 2099 Rating  - Rival II - 268 ilvl Gear - 281 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 8. 2100 - 2399 Rating - Duelist - 272 ilvl Gear - 285 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 9. 2400 + Rating - Elite - 275 ilvl Gear - 285 PvP ilvl Gear

In essence, you get equipment as strong as that from Mythic+. Although, Mythic+ dungeons are a lot harder than fighting against other players. The limit of how much Conquest you can earn during a season changes with the passing weeks. During the first week, it’s 550. During the second week, 1100. And so on.

There is a cap on how much Conquest can be earned during a season. This cap increases by 550 each week. This means that during week 1, the cap is 550. During week 2, the cap is 1100.

Our Wow Gladiator Boost boosters are amazing and reliable | Felboost

You now don’t have to wait for upgrading your Conduit. The vendor will allow you to buy the highest rank of it when you increase your rating.

Blizzard’s Terms and Conditions and Our Boosting Services

Blizzard’s Terms and Conditions policy says that boosting services lead to account bans. But our professional boosters use VPN tech to protect your privacy and rights. They will have the same IP address from your town. No one will know about the boosting services we’ve completed for you. Not your friends. Not games developers. With us, your privacy is guaranteed. That is our policy.

Coaching, Sepulcher of the First Ones and Other Boosts

Don’t have enough experience in PvP? Want to be a better player? Then check out our coaching boosts. Our boosters don’t only have years of experience playing WoW. But also know every in and out of PvP. You’ll get constructive feedback. Learn from any coaching boosts you take. Play side by side with Gladiator players. You can also take a look at our 2v2 and 3v3 Arena boosts. These are perfect if you’re looking for lower PvP titles.

Looking to raid? Check out our Sepulcher of the First Ones Heroic carry. Heroic carry gets you 265+ ilvl tailored for your class. Plus, you have guaranteed Sepulcher loot if you go with the loot traders option. With Sepulcher of the First Ones Normal boost, you get 252 ilvl items.

We even got Mythic+ raid boosts, if that is your thing. Here, our boosters will complete Mythic +11-20 dungeons in your name. And get you all the weekly Great Vault rewards. As well as those from chests at the end of Mythic dungeons.

Maybe you like Classic WoW the most? Check out our Classic services. Services like Classic Leveling, Mount, or Profession Farming.

WoW Gladiator Boost


For our Gladiator service, we will have a professional PvP player log into your account and play 3v3 rated arena until 2400 3v3 arena rating and as an addition, our PvP booster will play 50+ games above 2400 3v3 arena in order to obtain Gladiator Title and Gladiator Mount.

In order to receive a title of gladiator, your character has to be in the top 0.5% of the players in your respected Region. This means that the lowest possible rating always changes depending on the people who are in the top 0.5%. Aside from that, you will also need to have a minimum of 50 victories above 2400 rating in 3v3 rated arena mode.

If you’re interested in setting a time and date of your choosing you can always give us a notification in a note or say it directly to our support agents. However, if no indication has been made, we will begin as soon as possible, normally less than 60 minutes after the purchase has been made.

The delivery time of our Gladiator service is until the end of the PvP season.

The chance of getting disqualified for using our Gladiator service is minimal (less than 10%) because we use no third party software to help us gain an advantage over other players, nor do we practice win-trading. We also use premium VPN technology (if you allow us) where we can log into your local IP address so it seems as if you were playing from a different location, that way we can reduce chances of getting a disqualification.

If your character gets disqualified you will only lose the title and mount. The tabard, elite gear, enchant, and all associated achievements remain. You will still be able to play on your account as if nothing happened. So all in all, the only two things you lose by getting disqualified are the title and the mount.

By purchasing a WoW Gladiator boost from us you are in violation of Blizzard’s ToS, but due to the professionalism and discretion of our boosters, barely minimum players received a penalty or suspension for using our services.

No. To ensure the success of this service, we only accept the account share method. However, we are offering 3v3 Selfplay Arena or Arena Coaching with our professional Rank 1 players at any rank.

Once the season ends, if you have the required rating, you will receive the title “The Gladiator”, the most prestigious title in PvP. You will also receive a unique tabard, a prestigious mount only awarded to each season’s Gladiators, and an enchant for your weapon exclusive to Gladiator rated players. In Battle for Azeroth, you will be able to obtain Gladiator Title during current PvP Season, so there is no more waiting for PvP season to end.

If you purchase a WoW Gladiator boost from us, we will keep your 3v3 rating above the minimum required rating so that once the season comes to an end, you can be sure you will make above Gladiator cutoff.

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