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About our WoW Classic Reputation Boost

Our highly-skilled booster will complete your WoW Classic reputation boost. As a matter of fact, our boosting employees know how to play with multiple classes and have hundreds of battleground victories and thousands of honorable kills under their belt. They’ll get your character whatever Faction Exalted reputation you want. On any battleground — Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley. We know about the risks that follow WoW Classic reputation boosts. That’s why all our boosters use premium VPN technology and servers in order to ensure they have the same IP address as your town or country. This way, there’s a beyond minimal risk of you receiving a ban, suspension, disqualification, or anything of the kind. It’s recommended that you contact our friendly customer before you buy your boost so everything goes as smoothly as possible.

In-Depth Description

  • Classic WoW reputation boost is only available in account-share mode.
  • Live Stream is free of charge for all battleground reputation orders.
  • To login your WoW Classic account we will use Premium VPN servers of your Country/Town.
  • If you want to make your own Twink, make sure you check out our Craft Your Twink page.
  • For any additional questions, feel free to contact our 24/7 friendly customer support.



  • Get your desired reputation level from any Faction you want.
  • Your order will be fast, secure, and discrete.
  • Unlock new items, titles, gear, and access to vendors with special armor.
  • Unlock special perks like epic mounts and tabards.


Delivery Time (ETA)

  • 4 to 28 days - dependent on the options you choose above.
  • Estimated delivery time is based on the Battleground Reputation Type and Reputation Level.



  • Level 60 character. If you don't have time to level your own character you can order our Safe Leveling 1-60 Service. You’ll also need an active World of Warcraft subscription.


Our Latest Reviews

WoW Classic Reputation Boost

World of Warcraft Classic is an enormously complex game with its own nuances, local in-fighting and politics. Moreover, it is a world of rich history and diverse factions and societies. Every race member in Azeroth represents a part of a bigger community. Different forces fight for their own ends and goals.

Just like in the real world, how much you can progress depends on who you hang out with and to which group you belong. World of Warcraft Classic mirrors this in the form of Factions. Moreover, the better the reputation you have with a particular faction, the greater the rewards you can earn.

This is where Wow Classic reputation boost jumps in. Your boost will be fast, secure, and discrete. In addition, our boosters are PvP veterans with thousands of battleground wins behind them. They’ll earn you reputation with any faction, from Frostwolf Clan, The League of Arathor, to Stormpike Guard, Silverwing Sentinels, and Warsong Outriders.

Get Exalted reputation with any one of these, and you’re in for a treat. On that level, you will receive exclusive access to unique perks, mounts, and tabards.

WoW Classic Reputation Boost and Factions

In World of Warcraft Classic, there are over ten different Factions. Each one brings its own history, roots, mentality, objectives, and vision on how to shape the world. The Factions are usually separated into Alliance allies, Horde allies, Neutral, and Hostile. They regularly clash, then work together. Their alliances end quickly, and war is always looming on the horizon.

You get the opportunity to select your own side and help your Factions in their struggles. Complete quests for them and prove yourself in PvP, all for gaining Reputation Points and showing where your loyalties lie. For your help, the Factions will reward you with gold, items, discounts, and exclusive access to vendors. As your reputation rises, you will also gain access to unique weapons, knowledge, gear, recipe, hidden spells, and more.

WoW Classic Reputation Boost and Reputation Points

However, in order to collect enough Reputation Points, especially on higher ends, you’ll have to do a lot of quests. They may include resource collection, running raids, completing different PvP objectives, and more. Even new players know that you need to spend a lot of time if you want to reach an exalted reputation level. Like, a lot.

Fortunately, you can always go with a WoW Classic reputation boost. Why spend dozens of hours on grinding for a reputation when we can get you an exalted reputation with any battleground Faction. Your boost will be fast, secure, and discrete. Our every boosting employee uses a premium VPN technology in order to have the same IP address as your city or country. This ensures a ban-less experience for our customers.

Our boosters know every in and out of Alterac Valley, Warsong Gulch, and Arathi Basin. They are masters of the game, with thousands of PvP battles under their belt. They are also experienced in playing with different classes, including yours.

Your time is valuable. We know. That’s why your order will be completed as fast as possible, with minimum effort and downtime on your part. You also get to choose when the boost will begin. Not to mention that you can customize your order any way you like.

You can also check out our other boosts like PvP Rank Boost, WoW Classic Honor Boost, and Battlegrounds Wins. If you want to know more, feel free to contact our friendly customer support.

Why Battlegrounds Aren’t Easy and How a WoW Classic Reputation Boost Can Help

If you have played random WoW Classic Battlegrounds, you’ve likely noticed how odd and unbalanced they can be. The fights sometimes end up in your favor, but the next day you lose 90% of battles. In some periods, the other Faction constantly wins.

The problem is, while those who won can go up the ladder, those who lost have to constantly re-queue for more battlegrounds until they earn the Conquest Points they need. This continuous re-queuing places even more inexperienced players in your battleground queue, which in turn produces even more losses.

More often than not, you just have to take a break. Go and complete some other quest, instead of actually enjoying battleground PvP. And just hope that the next group composition will be better.

Why Twinks Make Battlefields Hard

In World of Warcraft Classic battlegrounds, the level is crucial. Even now, the twinks on both Factions rule 10-19 and 20-29 queues. Although the number of twinks depends on the day, faction, and other factors, you’ll get out-twinked, so many times, the PvP will go from hard to excruciating. From fun to boring.

It’s difficult to avoid twinks, let alone battle them. They already have the best gear for their level and have spent countless hours grinding for them, unlike a regular player who just wants to enjoy a random battleground experience.

That’s why so many players order a WoW Classic reputation boost. To pass the twink section, and reach more satisfying PvP gameplay. To out-twink the twinks. We guarantee a fast, safe, and anonymous order.

In battlegrounds, you have to bring potions and trinkets. Although they aren’t raids as such, they do require preparations as ones. With so many players on both sides, you’ll have to chat a lot. Use potions and skills at the right, and already have at least somewhat solid gear. Just because there’s no Ragnaros or Onyxia doesn’t mean you won’t have to coordinate with the whole group.

Battlefields, Strategy, and Teamwork

During battlegrounds, you also have to follow a coherent strategy. Ok, at least a semi-coherent one. Or at least have some type of plan. Nothing complicated, just a simple “defend the flag”, “go for theirs flag now” strategy. Unfortunately, in public groups, this seems to be a daunting task.

Most of the players are either completely mute, with zero coordination, or plain toxic. Some even make everything personal and leave you in the middle of a fight. No wonder a WoW Classic reputation boost is a lucrative option for so many regular players who just want to enjoy a few battleground fights.

If you play with PUGS or public groups, you’ll either have an amazing or terrible experience. Most of the time, terrible. Or, not fun at all. Your group will often be distracted by unimportant fights, idiotic chats, or quests goals. This means your PUG, and you will be a lot easier to kill. And you’ll lose too. It’s better to go premade. At least until you meet a stronger premade team.

Thankfully, you can always order a boost at Felboost and save a lot of time as you climb the PvP ladder. We’ll give you boosters who are PvP veterans and know how to play with your class.

WoW Classic Reputation Boost


When you order a Classic WoW reputation boost, our skillful booster will log into your account and get your character the exalted level of battleground reputation you want. You’re firmly in the driving seat. You decide what Faction’s battleground reputation our employees need to obtain. You decide when the boost will begin.

Just make sure to tell us how much Faction reputation your char already has. You can also take a look at our additional services and see whether you want to customize your order.

Our procedure for ordering is simple:

  • You will first need to register on our site.
  • After you sign up, find the boost you want to buy.
  • When you discover it, click on it.
  • Proceed to the cart page.
  • From the cart page, go to the checkout page.
  • After you are done with your purchase, we will give you a call.
  • After a bit of time, your order begins.

While your WoW reputation boost is running, you shouldn’t log in or in any way interact with your account. This is because such cases can raise red flags for your account. Moreover, before you hand us over your account, you should mute your friends so that they don’t contact you and misinterpret the whole thing.

Our boosters will. Our boosting employees need to pass a high admission bar before they can start working for us. They need to have years of PvP experience and prove it with several thousand Honor Kills, and hundreds battleground wins. They have to be highly skilled players and proficient in multiple classes. They will also keep your account out of harm’s way. Every booster uses a VPN cloaking technology, so you don’t need to worry about any suspension or disqualification.

Yes, you are in complete liberty to select when the boost begins. We always have multiple boosting groups waiting to start working on any boost. If you still aren’t sure about this, feel free to contact our customer service.

For now, not a single one of our customers received a ban buying our boosts. This is because every order we do, we do by hand. In addition, we require that our boosters use VPN cloaking technology. We also don’t use any cheats, bots, or any illegal programs and software. This guarantees a ban-less experience.

However, sometimes during a WoW battleground reputation boost, bans occur. If that does happen, we offer you a full refund. Be sure to check out our Refund Policy page if you have any concerns.

Yes, it does. The smaller the difference between your current reputation (Neutral, Friendly, Honored, Revered) and the exalted reputation level, the less we’ll charge you.

Yes, offer various additional services like Hand Leveling, PvP Rank, Battleground Wins, and Honor Points farming. If you want to place a custom order, feel free to contact our customer support.

Account-sharing is our standard procedure for most orders. In essence, our PvP veteran booster will log into your account and play your character until we get what you wanted.

If you want to set a time and date for your order, you can always contact our customer service. However, if we don’t agree with you otherwise, your order will start as soon as possible, usually in less than 60 minutes after you buy it.

The expected delivery time for your Battleground Reputation boost depends on the package you select and the reputation you want us to obtain. We’ll get you at least one rank every week. If you want a lower PvP rank, we’ll do it faster. If you want to know more, feel free to contact our friendly customer support.

The chances of your account getting disqualified for using a PvP rank boost are barely minimal. Since we use a premium VPN technology (if you want us to), we can log into your account while having the same IP address of your country or city. This will reduce the chances of you receiving a disqualification.

If your character gets disqualified, you will only lose the reputation level. All the gear and associated rewards will remain with them. You’ll still be able to play on your account as if nothing has happened. So, all in all, the only thing you can lose by getting disqualified is the PvP Rank you would otherwise receive for your current rating. If this happens, we guarantee a full refund.

Although when you buy a WoW battleground reputation boost, you’re violating Blizzard’s Terms and Conditions, our boosters are professionals in their niche who use VPN and other cloaking technologies to keep your character safe. Our customers have never had a penalty, ban, disqualification, or suspension from purchasing our boosts. If a problem does happen, we will offer a full refund.

Unfortunately, you can’t order a WoW PvP rank boost in self-play mode. Don’t worry. Even in account-share mode, we’ll get you the rank you want without compromising your account. You can also live stream everything free of charge.

Our boosters come from all around the world. What makes them similar is that they are all extremely skilled in playing World of Warcraft, fluently speak English, and most importantly, they don’t work for any other boosting provider. This increases the overall security of our boosts.

In the cases when we didn’t deliver what we promised, or if your account gets any disqualifications or problems, we offer a full refund of your initial payment. If you would like to know about our Refund Policy, you should take a look at our Refund Policy Page.

The short answer? No. We don’t and have never used any third-party software, bots, hacks, cheats, or any kind of script that would provide an unfair advantage over other WoW players. Each and every boost is 100% completed by hand, and with the skills our players have.

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