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Options for WoW Classic Profession Farming

On this page, you can purchase WoW Classic Profession Farming boost. In addition, our WoW Classic Profession farming service is pretty simple. Overall, one of our verified boosters will log into your account and obtain one or more professions up to 300 skill points. Ultimately, you can select any of the professions. Primary or secondary, crafting or gathering. In our product options above.

In-Depth Description for WoW Classic Profession Farming

  • Profession(s) you choose will be leveled to 300 skill points.
  • Moreover, to log in to your account we will use premium VPN servers of your Country / City.
  • One of our boosters will log into your account and obtain the profession(s).
  • Altogether, the amount of gold and other materials on your character will remain the same or higher after our boost.
  • In the end, our booster will not use your gold to level up your professions. If he needs gold for the selected profession, he will farm it by himself.
  • Already have some progress in any of Wow Classic professions? You may want to consider our WoW Classic Farming Per Hour Serviceor our Farming & Questing category.



  • Profession(s) of your choice leveled up to 300 skill points.
  • Moreover, any additional service requests you may have.


Delivery Time (ETA)

  • 3 to 5 days for Gathering professions.
  • 4 to 8 days for Crafting professions.
  • 1 to 4 days for Secondary professions.



Classic World of Warcraft Profession System

There are multiple kinds of professions in Classic World of Warcraft. For starters, you have production professions. As such, these include alchemy, cooking, blacksmithing, engineering, tailoring, and leatherworking. Consequently, all of them let you collect recipes and open the ability to create strong items which then you can carry or sell. Moreover, some of these have additional benefits as they bring even stronger BoP gear.

Then you have service professions. These don’t let you craft items you can carry. But still, let you make stuff that benefits you. Altogether, there are two service professions — first aid and enchanting.

Ultimately, we have gathering professions. To point out, these only supplements your production profession. In fact, they let you collect different materials you need to make strong trade goods. In the end, these include fishing, mining, skinning, and herbalism.

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