WoW Classic Leveling




Premium Options for WoW Classic Leveling

Our WoW Classic Leveling boost includes leveling up your character from level 1 up to level 60 in less than 3-4 weeks, or less than 2-3 weeks if you choose that option. However, if you are interested in very fast service, we are also offering express delivery time from 1 to 60 level in under 14 days. We also offer any additional services that can be purchased alongside WoW Classic Leveling which you can check in our options below. If you need any other service that you don't see on this page, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer support


  • Live Stream is FREE of charge for this service
  • Premium VPN servers of your Country / City
  • WoW Classic Leveling is done through account-share mode
  • We offer 3 different WoW Classic Leveling packages based on delivery time - Normal - Fast or Express Leveling
  • You can choose any additional service to be completed during/after leveling boost, Profession Farming, Character Gearing, WoW Classic Farming or any other request you may have
  • If you are not sure which package to chose feel free to check our WoW Classic Leveling Per Hour Boost or contact our friendly customer support to help you choose best option for you


  • Level 60 for the desired character
  • Any additional service that you chose in our options below
  • 1 gathering profession leveled for FREE during our leveling service


  • World of Warcraft Classic account with active subscription and at least level 1 or higher character

Delivery Time

  • Depends on the package you choose in the options below
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