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Description for WoW Sire Denathrius Kill Boost

You can order your WoW Sire Denathrius kill boost either in self-play or account-share mode. We are offering Sire Denathrius kill boost in Normal, or Heroic difficulty. In the options above, simply select the combination you want for your WoW Sire Denathrius Kill Boost, and you are ready to go. If you have any additional questions, or order customization requests, feel free to contact our 24/7 friendly customer support agents.


In-Depth Description

  • For all account-share orders, live stream is free of charge.
  • For WoW Sire Denathrius Heroic kill boost, self-play is free of charge.
  • The service will be completed in the first week of Castle Nathria relase.
  • Premium VPN servers of your Country/Town for all account-share orders.
  • We have multiple teams with flexible schedules, ready to start playing any time you want.
  • If you want to have, a guaranteed item drop and equipped item level, check out our Castle Nathria Heroic Boost, and WoW Character Boost.



  • Chance to get 220 ilvl on Heroic difficulty.
  • Chance to get 207 ilvl on Normal Difficulty.
  • You get Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius for killing boss on Heroic difficulty.
  • Sire Denathrius kill boost will be completed in first week of Castle Nathria release.


Delivery Time

  • WoW Sire Denathrius Heroic kill boost takes up to 60 minutes to be completed, after you received invite to our raid.
  • Normal Sire Denathrius takes approximately 30 minutes to be completed.



  • Level 60 Character.
  • Also, there are no other gear or item level requirements. If you don’t have time to level your character, you can order our Safe 50-60 Hand Leveling Service.


Our Latest WoW Sire Denathrius Heroic Kill Boost Reviews

1 year ago
(verified owner)
Allowed me to join a active run, then after it was fone go back and clear boss i missed just for me.

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2 years ago
(verified owner)
Got exactly what I wanted quickly and with minimal issues.

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2 years ago
(verified owner)
Excellent run and really quick. Smoothest run i've ever done.

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