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Welcome to our Sire Denathrius Kill Boost page. Our Ahead of the Curve service is based on personal loot runs. That means there are no guaranteed items if you decide to go with a personal loot system. On the other hand, if you buy the Castle Nathria Heroic Boost with the loot traders option, you will have guaranteed items. Of course, depending on the number of loot traders you selected.

You can order your Sire Denathrius kill boost either in account-share or self-play mode. In the first, our booster will log into your account and complete the run with other boosters. While in the latter, you get to enjoy an amazing Sire Denathrius experience as you play alongside the gurus of the game. Maybe even learn something new about the raid while running alongside gamers who know every in and out.

If you want, you can order multiple Ahead the Curve boost. With a discount depending on the number of runs. Moreover, you are free to slip multiple runs in any way you want. For any additional questions and order customization feel free to contact our friendly customer support.

In-Depth Description

  • For all account-share orders, live stream is free of charge.
  • For WoW Sire Denathrius Heroic kill boost, self-play is free of charge.
  • The service will be completed in the first week of Castle Nathria relase.
  • Premium VPN servers of your Country/Town for all account-share orders.
  • We have multiple teams with flexible schedules, ready to start playing any time you want.
  • If you want to have, a guaranteed item drop and equipped item level, check out our Castle Nathria Heroic Boost, and WoW Character Boost.



  • Chance to get 220 ilvl on Heroic difficulty.
  • Chance to get 207 ilvl on Normal Difficulty.
  • You get Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius for killing boss on Heroic difficulty.
  • Sire Denathrius kill boost will be completed in first week of Castle Nathria release.


Delivery Time

  • WoW Sire Denathrius Heroic kill boost takes up to 60 minutes to be completed, after you received invite to our raid.
  • Normal Sire Denathrius takes approximately 30 minutes to be completed.



  • Level 60 Character.
  • Also, there are no other gear or item level requirements. If you don’t have time to level your character, you can order our Safe 50-60 Hand Leveling Service.


Our Latest Reviews

Ahead of the Curve Boost, AKA Sire Denathrius Kill Boost

Welcome to Felboost’s Ahead of the Curve boost. Also known as Sire Denathrius kill boost, the service consists of a singular fast run through the Castle Nathria on Heroic difficulty. In the run, our team of professional boosters will kill the last boss of Castle Nathria — Sire Denathrius.

Some of the rewards you can expect from the boost include the best PvE 209 to 222 level items and the hottest Shadowlands PvE achievements. As well as the bragging rights of killing the hardest boss in Castle Nathria: Sire Denathrius. If you’re more interested in the mythic title "Sinbreaker", you should check with our customer service about our Sire Denathrius Mythic Kill boost.

Sire Denathrius presides over Revendreth from his fortress Nathria. You need to kill nine different bosses from three separate wings in order to reach him. And even then, your victory isn’t guaranteed. Of course, you can always go with the choice of many players and use Ahead of the Curve service.

In this post, we will learn the backstory of Sire Denathrius and his children the Venthyr. You will also learn the history of Revendreth, what rewards await you from the boost, and why Castle Nathria may be one of the hardest dungeons in the latest installment of World of Warcraft.

Why buy Ahead of the Curve Boost, AKA Sire Denathrius Kill Boost

Well, for a lot of reasons. For starters, you will get to kill Sire Denathrius quickly on the Heroic difficulty. Moreover, you will receive Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius achievement. Of course, on the Heroic difficulty. Not to mention the chance of receiving the coveted 209-222 item level PvE gear. Additionally, Sire Denathrius kill boost is free in self-play mode besides being a totally fun experience.

Last but not least, all our boosters use premium VPN servers of your city/country for all account-share orders. In fact, Felboost has multiple teams with flexible schedules, ready to begin playing any time you decide. If you’re more interested in leveling your character or your items, you should check out our Shadowlands leveling and Item Level boosts.

What is Castle Nathria Raid and Why is it Crucial for Sire Denathrius?

Castle Nathria represents the most difficult raids in the hottest installment of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. In it, you will face hard bosses in prolonged combat, all the way up to the hardest of them all. Sire Denathrius. Or, you could always go with an ahead of the curve boost.

Besides being the most difficult boss in Castle Nathria, Sire Denathrius is the king of Venthyr. However, after eons of service, he is now completely unfaithful to his people and servants of Revendreth. A god-like being and creator of the Venthyr, you must now kill this mad king in order for a new Sire to be elected! Only this will lead the covenant to new-found glory.

You can find Castle Nathria towering powerfully above the rest of the Revendreth region. The entrance of this vampire-like, grotesque citadel lies in the center location of Revendreth. You won’t have trouble reaching it. As for passing the raid itself. Well, that’s a completely different story. One much more full of doom and gloom.

For now, to reach the entrance of Castle Nathria, your best bet is to visit the nearest accessible flight path. You can locate it near the Menagerie of the Master.

Once you go through Castle Nathria entrance, prepare for a prolonged visit to the stronghold of darkness full of hidden nightmares. Lest we forget that you and your group will need to defeat ten different raid bosses. Each one is way harder than the last. Or, you can always use Sire Denathrius Heroic kill boost.

More on Castle Nathria and Sire Denathrius Kill Boost

Because it is one of the hottest and most difficult raids in World of Warcraft, Castle Nathria requires that your every group member understands every important thing in the raid. As well as the most of raid-specific mechanics, stellar reflex, and, of course, superb gameplay. Then, it’s not surprising that a majority of players decide to buy Sire Denathrius kill boost.

Sometimes, it’s because people don’t have the time to prepare for the raid. Other times, the players have trouble finding a great team. Or their skills and reflexes aren’t as great as before.

Fortunately, with our ahead of the curve boost, you’ll receive an ulta-fast and smooth raiding adventure. All of Felboost’s employees have completed several runs of the Castle Nathria raid. They know how to defeat every Castle Nathria boss. Including the ever-feared Sire Denathrius.

Of course, this includes every class and spec there is. Moreover, if you decide to use the self-play mode, we promise you’ll get a fun experience without having to worry about any boss whatsoever. Not to mention the killing of Sire Denathrius. With all the rewards that entails.