Sepulcher of the First Ones Heroic


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How Sepulcher of the First Ones Heroic Boost Works

Welcome to our 2022 World of Warcraft Sepulcher of the First Ones Heroic service page. You can buy the boost in two modes. In selfplay, you run the raid alongside our professional team of boosters. This mode is great if you want an immersive battle experience. With account-share, a professional boosting employee will enter your account. Then play your character until we finish the carry. This is perfect if you’re looking to save time. Watch news. Netflix and chill.

Our SotFO Heroic boost uses personal loot mode. We can’t guarantee you’ll get the items you want. But if you buy a Loot Traders feature, we can guarantee you’ll get some items. Based on how many loot traders are chosen. Find out more about this down the page.

You may buy several World of Warcraft Sepulcher of the First Ones runs at once. More runs, the bigger the discount. You can also split the runs however you like. For any more questions or order customization contact Felboost customer support.

In-Depth Description

  • Selfplay mode is 100% free.
  • In the account-share option, Livestream is 100% free.
  • Buy multiple carries, and separate them however you want.
  • Several teams with agile schedule can begin the boost anytime you want.
  • We use VPN. So we get the IP address as your city. That way, we secure your account.
  • You may order the Sanctum of Domination boost in two modes, selfplay or accountshare.


  • 265 ilvl items made for your spec.
  • 272 ilvl gear from 3 bosses at the end (personal loot chance).
  • Mount Carcinized Zerethsteed (You will get this mount from Ahead of the Curve : The Jailer account-wide achievement)
  • Very sought after trinkets and weapons such as Cache and Gavel (personal loot chance)
  • Battle and kill all 11/11 WoW Sepulcher of the First Ones bosses. On Heroic difficulty!
  • Keep all items that drop for your character.
  • You have guaranteed loot if you go with the loot traders option.
  • Lots of reservoir anima.
  • Conduit upgrades.

Delivery Time

  • The boost lasts up to 3 hours. Any additional services will extend the delivery time.



  • 60-level character.
  • World of Warcraft Shadowlands game with an active subscription for 2022.


Our Latest Reviews

Rewards From Sepulcher of the First Ones Heroic

There are several types of rewards you can get from this dungeon. Some of them are come with the highest item level in 2021:

  • Raid armor set.
  • Mighty weapons.
  • Raid achievements.
  • Unique raid mount.
  • Lots of reservoir anima.
  • Conduit upgrades.

Unlike in previous raid, the last 3 Sepulcher bosses drop higher level. The first eight ones drop 265 ilvl loot. Lords of Dread, Rygelon and Jailer drop 272 ilvl loot on Heroic.

What is Sepulcher of the First Ones and Where to Find It

Sepulcher of the First Ones is a new raid in Shadowlands. Its arrival wasn’t news to any player awaiting patch 9.2. In fact, this patch is all about this raid. The patch brought as much content as Mists of Pandaria or Burning Crusade Classic. Well, not as much as Cataclysm. The valiant player left Sire Denathrius’s lair burning and defeated Sylvannas Windrunner. Now, the player must battle even greater threat for Azeroth. The Jailer. Waiting for you in the depths of Sepulcher of the First Ones. You can see that Blizzard put as much effort here as in The Burning Crusade Classic.

You can find the instance in Zereth Mortis, new zone added in 9.2 patch. This raid has 11 Bosses. And legions of lesser enemies. You’ve certainly heard about Anduin Wrynn and Lords of Dread before. Others are completely new. Like Dausegne the Fallen Oracle. Of course, there will be the Mythic version of this raid. As with other Mythic raids, it will emphasize coordination with your team to overcome hard obstacles on your path to Jailer.

Why Should You Buy Sepulcher of the First Ones Specific Bosses Boost

World of Warcraft Sepulcher of the First Ones carry comes with a number of benefits. The main one is the loot. You’ll get 265 ilvl raid armor parts tailored for your spec/class. This is one of the highest ilvl gear you can get in Shadowlands. You’ll also likely get:

Yes, you get the same rewards from playing with a team of heroes. But a host of issues follows this. For starters, you have to find the right raids team. Finding the right group of heroes leaves you with two choices. You can either spend a lot of time in LFG. And not only spend a lot of time on finding the group. You also have to train and prepare that team. Try a couple of low-level dungeons before you’re ready. A lot of wasted time in World of Warcraft.

Or you could try to join a raiding guild. Many raiding guilds will ask you for your complete World of Warcraft resume. You’ll need to describe your complete raiding experience until 2022, skills, and more. Casual players have a lot of trouble with this toxic gatekeeping.

A legion of effort in either way. Only to lose on Normal difficulty. Then a couple of more on Heroic. Heroic difficulties leave no room for mistakes. One small error may cost you hours of grinding.

But with the Sepulcher of the First Ones boost, you’ll already start with the right team. A team that will easily help you beat Heroic difficulty. Even finish dungeons in your name with your char.

Loot Traders Mode And Extra Gear

The loot Traders game option gives you extra dropped items. Some of our players who’ll run the raids with you will wear the armor type of your char. They’ll trade all their drops to you. In other words, you’ll increase the amount of loot you get from Sanctum. Loot Traders mode differs from typical personal loot mode. In personal loot, you end with what dropped to your char.

This differs from a typical personal loot mode. Here, you only get gear drops for your char. What you get from bonus rolls and boss drops. Also, we don’t guarantee how many items you get.

Choose the loot trader mode. And we can guarantee a certain amount of items for your char:

  • Two Loot Traders—two and more guaranteed items
  • Three Loot Traders—three and more guaranteed items
  • Four Loot Traders—four and more guaranteed items
  • Five Loot Traders—five and more guaranteed items
  • Six Loot Traders—six and more guaranteed items
  • Seven Loot Traders—seven and more guaranteed items

If you don’t get the number of items we guaranteed, our boosters will continue to raid with your character. Until you get the amount we guaranteed on the page. Note that all gear you get from the boost we calculate toward the guaranteed amount. Including items:

  • Bosses drop for you.
  • Loot trader gives you.

If you get gear for the same slot, we’ll consider them as a single guaranteed item. For example, two same shoulder items. But know the game loot system doesn’t allow us to trade every item. According to the 2022 World of Warcraft rules.

Only assigned loot traders will give you gear. Other players aren’t obliged to.