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Premium Options for WoW Rated Battlegrounds Boost

Welcome to the WoW Rated BG carry page. You can buy up to 2100 rating in selfplay mode. Or up to 2400 rating in account-share mode. In selfplay mode, you battle in battlegrounds alongside our PvP veterans. In account-share, a high-ranking raids booster will log in your account. Then play your character until we get you the rank you want. If you want to customize your order in any way, please feel free to contact our friendly customer support. Our support agents work 24/7 and can answer any question or concern you have.


  • Live stream is free of charge
  • Any gold and gear we find
  • Honor and Conquest points we get on your char
  • More items to select from in your Great Vault
  • Higher ilvl from your Great Vault Player vs Player rewards
  • Elite PvP Achievements like Grand Marshal (Alliance) or High Warlord (Horde)
  • Elite Set Transmog for the Current Season (Alliance or Horde)
  • Elite PvP cloak and weapon enchant for 2100+ orders
  • An elite PvP Tabard for 2400+ rating orders
  • Join the heroes of RBG.

Feats of Strength achievements:


  • Play alongside veterans of RBG
  • Pick tips and tricks from top-ranked battleground players.


Delivery Time (ETA)

  • 1-4 weeks, depending on the rating you buy.



  • 60-level character.
  • World of Warcraft Shadowlands game expansion with active subscription.
  • No realm requirements.
  • You aren’t allowed to stay AFK if you buy the WoW RBG boost in selfplay mode.


Our Latest Reviews

What are Rated Battlegrounds?

Before we try to explain this, we first need to learn about battlegrounds. Battlegrounds are Horde versus Alliance combats on a large scale in Wow. 10v10, 15v15 and 40v40 realm raids, respectively. BGs were there from Classic. But Burning Crusade and Cataclysm made them popular. Pandaria and Battle for Azeroth changed them.

They’re competitive team games where you fight and need to accomplish certain goals. You don’t have to kill any boss. Goals such as capturing the flag or collecting resources. When you get enough of the resources or flags, your group wins the game. Battlegrounds are available from lvl 10. Here, you battle a similarly capable group of the opposing faction heroes. Horde vs. Alliance. Raids are made from public queues of players with similar MMR. Across any realm.

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Rated Battlegrounds raids are way more intense than this. Here, you fight in premade 10vs10 raid teams. The highlight is on strategy and group composition. Every group member has their own special tasks. These only become available at level 60. Both for Horde and Alliance.

These Battlegrounds are the most difficult and refined form of BG gameplay in WoW. They’re brimming with savage competition. Highly organized raids groups give their best. Get their wins. And how couldn’t they? Their personal and team ranks are at stake. Even what the masses think about the Horde or Alliance faction.

How WoW RBG Boost Works

Rated Battleground boost comes in two modes. Both last until your character gets the desired PvP rating. In selfplay mode, you fight in battlegrounds alongside our PvP veterans. This mode lets you experience the heat of the battle. As well as learn RGB tips and tactics from our top-performing teams. If you go for this mode, we’ll send you an in-game invite to start the service.

In account-share, a high-ranking booster will log in your account. Then play your character until we get you the rank you want. This mode saves you time. A lot. Relax. Chill and watch Netflix with two girls. If you can. While we get you RGB wins, rating, Honor points, and Conquest points. We won’t ask for your email, secret question, or anything in between.

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Rated Battleground service lasts from one to four weeks. The delivery time depends on the amount of RBG rating you order. As well as the difference between your current rating and the one you want. The bigger the difference, the longer the service will last. We have several Gladiator Title boosting teams for battlegrounds. They’re ready to start the service anytime you want.

We’ll contact you when the raiding service ends. By then, your char will get the RGB wins and rating you wanted. You’ll also keep all Honor and Conquest points we got. As well as Elite PvP achievements such as Grand Marshal or High Warlord. Plus gold and items. Not to mention the Elite PvP Transmog set for the current Shadowlands season. Also, elite PvP cloak and weapon enchant for 2100+ orders. Ultimately, an elite PvP Tabard for 2400+ rating orders.

Don’t have the required level for the service? Check out our Shadowlands Leveling boost. Want to improve your Arena rank? Our 2v2 and 3v3 Arena boosts can help. If you want to improve your Arena play, take a look at World of Warcraft Arena Coaching. Gladiator-level, expert boosters will provide you with feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions. As well as analyze your Arena playstyle. You can check out all of them in the options above. Want to buy a boost you don’t see on this page? Or have a question or concern? Feel free to contact our friendly customer support. They are here for you 24/7, every day of the year.

Rewards From Rated Battlegrounds

The first reward you get from Ranked Battlegrounds is Honor. You get:

  • 850 Honor from the first win of the day
  • 500 Honor from later wins

But you lose 150 Honor when the opposing faction beats you in the battleground.

Winning rated BGs also brings Conquest points. You get 400 Conquest points from winning. But lose 200 Conquest points if the enemy wins rated BG.

You earn a basic armor set for your class from basic PvP. As you progress through the ranks of Rated PvP play, you unlock the “Elite” version of it. To unlock the “Elite” armor, you’ll need the following tiers of rated BG rating:

  • (1400-1599) Combatant—Waist and Wrist
  • (1600-1799) Challenger—Feet, Hands, Legs
  • (1800-2099) Rival—Shoulder, Cloak, Head, Chest
  • (2100-2399) Duelist—Special Cloak
  • (2400 and more) Elite—Tabard

When you have the Unrated Title, you can buy Rank 1 conquest gear. Rank 1 conquest gear has Item Level 252. You can upgrade it up to Rank 9 based on your highest rating bracket in Rated Battlegrounds:

  • 1. 0 - 999 Rating – Unranked - 275 ilvl Gear - 288 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 2. 1000 - 1199 Rating – Combatant I - 278 ilvl Gear - 291 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 3. 1200 - 1399 Rating – Combatant II - 281 ilvl Gear - 294 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 4. 1400 - 1599 Rating – Challenger I - 285 ilvl Gear - 298 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 5. 1600 – 1799 Rating – Challenger II - 288 ilvl Gear - 301 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 6. 1800 - 1949 Rating – Rival I - 291 ilvl Gear - 304 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 7. 1950 - 2099 Rating  - Rival II - 294 ilvl Gear - 307 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 8. 2100 - 2399 Rating - Duelist - 298 ilvl Gear - 311 PvP ilvl Gear
  • 9. 2400 + Rating - Elite - 301 ilvl Gear - 311 PvP ilvl Gear

Thus, if you want the best PvP gear and weapons, you need the highest rank in Rated BGs. The Elite rank. The Elite Title also gets you the Vicious Saddle mount. Vicious Saddle mount lets you earn your seasonal mount. If you already have the seasonal mount, you’ll get the ones from prior seasons.

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Sinful Flame is a Shadowlands-based weapon illusion. You get it when you reach 2,100 ratings in rated BGs.

But this isn’t all. Earning Honor in Rated PvP every week brings extra roll chances for your Great Vault:

  • 1,250 Honor from Ranked PvP +1 Item
  • 2,500 Honor from Ranked PvP +1 Item
  • 6,250 Honor from Ranked PvP +1 Item

But the ilvl of your Great Vault PvP rewards depends on your ranking bracket. If you want new ilvl 301 gear, you’ll need the Elite Title.

Why Buy Rated Battleground Boost

Ask anyone who played Rated BGs and they’ll tell you the community is toxic. Just like in Mythic community. You gotta send a detailed resume of your complete WoW career if you want to be in a great raid team. Raiding, Mythic, and Player vs Player experience. All the way from World of Warcraft Classic. Burning Crusade, Pandaria, Cataclysm, you name it. When they ask you about Sanctum of Domination dungeon and the latest patch, you gotta ask. What’s the point of it all?

Casual players have to beat Gate Keepers with your extensive resumes. If they want to get into good BG teams, that is. This will likely be the most of your Player vs Player experience in Shadowlands. A new, casual player doesn’t have a viable path for gearing in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. They’re even more gimped than in Battle for Azeroth. This is true for any realm.

BG community that gate keeps you. Blizzard that time gates you. A terrible combination. One that likely leads into rated BG death. Why? There’s no incentive to fight in them. No incentive for World of Warcraft players. Like Blizzard isn’t aware of this at all.

You need a lot of effort to patch up a team for rated BG. Like, a lot. You’ll need to get together 10 individuals. This is 9X more effort than finding one player for 2v2 Arena. Or for 3v3. Never mind the realm. You’d have an easier time finding crew for Sanctum or Mythic dungeon. The reward are much bigger here.

Let’s say you manage to patch up this many people. Although it’s hard as hell. Now what? Rated BG is the queen of World of Warcraft PvP. You need a helluva lot of skills and coordination to beat it. Yea, it depends on you trying to push your RBG rating to 2400+. Yet, even more on your team as a whole:

  • Are you organized?
  • Is there superb gameplay?
  • Excellent teamwork?
  • Do you even communicate?

This is even without having the right meta composition. Teamwork is nothing against hard counters.

RBG requires a lot. Finding and building a great team. Taking the right meta composition. Superb reflexes. Excellent gameplay. Lots of time. Lots of investment. But there’s a better way. Some call it boosting. Just kidding. But our boosts aren’t.

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With RBG carry, you won’t have to lose incredible amounts of time on your team. To find it. To build it. To maintain it. We got boosting teams with an incredible amount of PvP experience. On any realm. They’ll not only join you in RBG. They’ll help you win it. Reach the rank you want. You’ll even learn from them. PvP and RBG tips and tricks, that is. Not to mention all the cool gear and weapons.

In summary, you get the following rewards from RBG carry:

  • RBG rating you want.
  • Any gold and gear we find.
  • Honor and Conquest points we get on your char.
  • More items to select from in your Great Vault.
  • Higher ilvl from your Great Vault PvP.
  • Elite Set Transmog for the Current Season
  • Elite PvP cloak and weapon illusion for 2100+ orders.
  • An elite PvP Tabard for 2400+ rating orders.
  • Elite PvP Achievements like Grand Marshal (Alliance) or High Warlord (Horde)

What You Shouldn’t Do During the Rated Battlegrounds Carry

During our service, you’ll play alongside some of the best 2021 battleground teams. You’ll enjoy it and learn something along the way. But that doesn’t mean you can go AFK or actively try to ruin the fight. Our employees will require your participation. As well as your full attention. They won’t boss around you. This is the easiest way for both of us to reach the RBG rank you want.

Of course, we expect you to play your best. Or at least competently enough. Follow the team leader's instructions as well. This particularly applies to healers. If your specialization is tank or healer, we may ask you to change it. If you decide to abort the boost because of this, we’ll return your money. With the price difference based on the ordered and won RBG rank.

During the service, our boosting leader may ask you to complete particular RBG goals. Or go toward some part of the instance. Please follow their instructions.

This carry doesn’t include losing the rank because you played with third-party RBG teams. If you did play, we won’t restore the lost rank. We aren’t responsible for it.

How to Select the Right Rated Battleground Team?

The following tips apply to 2021 North American regions. Players from the EU and other regions should look for BG tips elsewhere. This is because NA runs on different meta compositions than EU and other regions. Favored compositions, classes, and general meta here are for North America. This is because the majority of our boosters play there. As such, have much better knowledge about meta comps there. Years of knowledge, to be honest. The tips are the same for Horde or Alliance factions. For any realm.

One quick tip. Every class is viable for pushing RBGs in 2021. To win. It’s just that some have an easier time at this. Because some classes can heal/DPS more. The point is that you learn your classes and specs. Their entire tool kits. How your class and team fit each other. The current healing meta composition for RBGs is based on one tenant. Keep up with the quickpaced output of damage. Most teams usually bring two Discipline Priest for consistent, powerful healing output. And one Holy Paladin for powerful single-target heal and utility. Some teams replace one Discipline Priest for Restoration Shaman or Mistweaver. Mistweaver acts as the flexible healer. Going from site to site on node maps and healing two offenses when needed.

Holy Priest and Restoration Druid are also a good choice. Restoration Druid brings more Crowd Control for group battles and ninja bases. Druid also provides extra utility. Holy Priest counters Rot compositions. Because they can take Greater Fade Honor talent for Mass Dispel. Discipline Priests can’t take this talent.

The best DPS for RBGs is the rogue class. They are perfect for:

  • Setting up kills for Flag Carriers
  • Sitting in base
  • Utility

In Shadowlands Season 1, rogues deal high damage in their bursts and opener. This is why some teams take more than one rogue.

So, your composition, for now, should be like this. Three healers and one rogue DPS. The leftover DPSs will depend on different factors. But team composition doesn’t matter so much in lower MMR. Rather, how familiar the team is with all the capabilities and tools of their classes and specs.

Still some new groups bring the following classes and specs:

  • Boomkin
  • Marksman Hunter
  • Arms Warrior
  • Affliction Warlock
  • Unholy Death Knight

There are only two viable tanks for 2021 World of Warcraft Shadowlands Season 1 meta FC. Those are Guardian Druid and Vengeance Demon Hunter. Druid is stunning with defense teams that can knock, kite, and peel. Some teams in lower MMR bring Protection Paladin or Death Knight Blood. Death Knight Blood can sometimes beat lower MMR/XP games. Protection Warrior isn’t useful at all. Fury Warrior as well.

One last tip. Take another DPS for base site sitting with the rogue. A good one has utility or survivability. Classes with pets are especially powerful here. This is because they are basically “two” characters. Like the Hunter class. Or Warlock Demonology.

How to Join Rated Battlegrounds

To join them, you’ll have to queue for BGs. Once the team is assembled, the game will teleport you to the BG instance. You can’t simply queue up for RBG. Only premade raid groups can queue up for them. But you can join groups that’re still forming. You don’t have to be in a guild to organize a raid for RBG. This is true whatever faction you are.

Disqualifications and Account Bans

Boosting violates the World of Warcraft Terms and Conditions of Blizzard. Disqualification or bans are possible with every boost. Even more in high-rating battles. Whether in Arena or RBG. Especially in account-sharing mode. So, we strongly recommend you select the selfplay mode. This will lower the chances of bans, or account disqualifications. However…

If your character gets disqualified you will only lose the title. The elite gear and all associated rewards will remain with them. You will still be able to play on your account as if nothing has happened. All in all, the only thing you can lose by getting disqualified is the title you would otherwise receive for your current rating. Take a look at our Terms and Conditions page if you got more questions.