Ny’alotha The Waking City Heroic


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Premium Options for Ny'alotha the Waking City Heroic Boost

For Ny'alotha the Waking City Heroic Boost we offer regular personal loot run. There are no guaranteed items when you are selecting runs with only personal loot system. If you decide to purchase Ny'alotha raid run with Loot Traders, there are guaranteed items depending on number of loot traders you selected for your service .In the options below, please select your Region and Play type and you are good to go. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact our friendly customer support


  • N'Yalotha Heroic Boost is done in self-play or account-share mode
  • For account-share orders Live Stream is FREE of charge
  • Premium VPN servers of your Country / City for account share orders
  • We have multiple daily Ny'alotha Heroic runs
  • If you are more interested in guarantee item level on your character feel free to check our WoW Gearing Boost page


  • 460+ ilvl items for your class/spec
  • All 12/12 Ny'alotha the Waking City bosses cleared on Heroic difficulty
  • All items obtained through personal loot system
  • Guaranteed loot if you decide to go with Loot Traders Option


Delivery Time

  • Ny'alotha the Waking City Heroic Boost takes up to 3 hours to be completed
12 months ago
(verified owner)
Allowed me to join a active run, then after it was fone go back and clear boss i missed just for me.

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1 year ago
(verified owner)
Got exactly what I wanted quickly and with minimal issues.

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2 years ago
(verified owner)
Excellent run and really quick. Smoothest run i've ever done.

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For our Ny’Alotha The Waking City boost you can either play alongside our team of players or we will have a professional player log into your account and defeat all 12 bosses in Ny’Alotha The Waking City raid including last boss N’Zoth, the Corruptor.

Our Raid services are completed in strict time-frames and cannot be altered towards the client’s desires. However, we have multiple schedules each day, and we’re sure that at least one of them will fit just right with your own schedule. Please contact our friendly support agent to inquire more about our raiding schedule.

The delivery time of our Ny’Alotha The Waking City Heroic boost is usually between 2 and 2 hours after you receive an invite to our raid.

By purchasing Ny’Alotha The Waking City Heroic boost from us you are in violation of Blizzard’s ToS, but due to the professionalism and discretion of our boosters not a single customer received a penalty or suspension for using our services.

If you choose personal loot as your preferred loot option then whichever item drops for you during the duration of our service, you get to keep. For Personal loot we do not make any guarantees on the number of items dropped during the run.

Account sharing is a standard procedure we use for almost all of our services. This implies that our professional booster will log into your account and play on it for the duration of our service.

The boosters we use are located all over the world, they are extremely skilled players, fluent in English Language and most importantly they do not work for other companies besides us, which increases the overall safety of our services immensely.

In an event where we do not deliver what we promised, or if any harm befalls your account due to our own fault, we offer a full refund of your initial payment. For more information about refunds, you can always check our Refund Policy page.

No. We do not use any third party software, hacks, bots, or any kind of program that would give us an unfair advantage over other players. All our boosts are 100% done by hand and through the skill of our players.

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