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After the introduction of the patch 7.3, the ilvl of rewards from Mythic+ dungeons skyrocketed. With Mythic+ Dungeons Boost, you will get items that are 890 ilvl or higher. From the WEEKLY CHEST, you can get pieces of gear that vary from 895 to 935 ilvl, depending on the highest Mythic+ you did in the previous week. Even the raiders who clear Nighthold each week swear that Mythic+ is an amazing way to obtain great gear, due to their ability to proc even up to 955 ilvl items. Contact us on skype or talk to our customer support if you’re not sure which is the right boost combination for you, or if you want to know how exactly does ilvl change depending on difficulty.


  • All loot that you can obtain
  • Up to 915 ilvl Dungeon Chest after each successful run
  • At least one dungeon completed within time limit
  • Up to 935 ilvl Weekly Chest in your Class Hall
  • All Artifact power and gold obtained during our service
  • Fair chances to win a Legendary


  • World of Warcraft Legion account with active subscription
  • After making an order, please follow the instructions from our agent

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Mythic+ Dungeons Boost is available on both EU and US servers.  It can be delivered through Self Play or Account Share, whichever you prefer. Simply select desired Keystone level in options bellow. ETA: 1-2 days

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