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You can buy your WoW Mythic 15 boost in two modes. Either in selfplay or account-share. Also choose one WoW Mythic 15 boost or several carries. We will do all of them on time. Choose and combine the above options for Mythic 15 boost however you want. And can you start your order. Got any more concerns and questions about our carry services? Contact Felboost’s customer service 24/7.

In-Depth Description

  • Boosters got 262+ ilvl equipment.
  • For Mythic 15 Keystone boost, selfplay is 100% free.
  • Felboost uses high-tech VPN for account-share. This way, we’ll have the IP address from your town.
  • We got several teams with agile carry schedule. They can begin whenever you say.
  • Choose Loot Traders Options to get boosters with your char’s armor type. Our loot traders will give you all the found gear.
  • Looking for guaranteed items drop and ilvl? Take a loot at WoW Character Boost and WoW Sepulcher of the First Ones Heroic Boost.



  • Weekly Chest — 304 ilvl items.
  • Dungeon End Chest — 288 ilvl items.
  • Completed Mythic +15 dungeon. On time.


Delivery Time

  • Depends on the boost you choose.
  • A single WoW Mythic +15 boost takes up to 35 minutes.



  • Level 60 Character.
  • No gear or item level (ilvl) requirements.
  • If you don’t have time to level your character, you can order our Safe 50-60 Hand Leveling Service.


Our Latest Reviews

What is a Mythic+ Dungeon?

In World of Warcraft Shadowlands, these + dungeons are a type of end-game PvE content. During it, you can progressively increase how difficult it is as you level up. Thus improving the quality and amount of rewards you get from Mythic dungeons. In addition, Mythic dungeons are endlessly scaling challenges for a group of five players.

In these dungeons, you compete against others as you pursue the best possible score in game. Players competing in these dungeons are a major part of the final stages of WoW Shadowlands. You also battle against a timer. Like in Challenge modes. But this timer is more forgiving, emphasizing great execution rather than fast runs. Of course, you’ll still need to beat the timer if you want the rewards. Beating the timer with less than 20% time left lets you get +1 lvl upgrade on Keystone. Beating the dungeon with less than 40% remaining on timer, upgrades your Keystone by +2.

Mythic 15 Gear and Other Rewards

You don’t get loot from enemies in Mythic+. The dropped loot is going to be in a chest that spawns after the run is complete. For Mythic 15 gear, you need to complete Mythic +15 dungeons. The harder the Mythic+, the bigger the lvl of item. You get a weekly chest with more items in your faction’s major hub. This weekly chest also has rewards depending on your highest Mythic+ keystone. You can find yours in the Great Vault. The Great Vault provides rewards based on your Mythic+, raid, and PvP activity.

For Mythic +15 runs, you get 304+ ilvl Weekly Chest (in the Great Vault). As well as 288+ ilvl Chest Mythic 15 gear. In other words, the highest item ilvl you can get in Shadowlands. Keep in mind that as the season ends, there will be new Mythic+ content. New season always brings new loot, raids, and mounts. Regarding mounts, you can’t win any from Mythic+ boost offers. If you’re looking for mounts, you should check our Vicious Saddle offer. It will get you the PvP mount from this season. If you already got one, you’ll get mounts from previous seasons. Contact our customer support if you have any questions.

Why Buy a Mythic 15 Carry

For starters, any World of Warcraft Shadowlands Mythic +15 dungeon is hard to clear. They are way harder than your ordinary dungeons. Mythic +15 dungeons do bring amazing rewards like armor and gear. Yet, they require exceptional gameplay and teamwork to complete them.

When you kill mobs in a Mythic +15 dungeon, you don’t receive loot. Rather, all five group members get rewards with a 20% chance. Your group needs to complete all the requirements as a single unit and work as one. Also, health, strength, and mana of monsters are raised with each difficulty level. Making the run harder every new time. For instance, one +8 run is way more challenging to complete than two +4 dungeons.

If you want to get a weekly chest loot, your whole team needs to pass the +1 level above the current level of difficulty. The better the weekly record you get, the better the weekly chest rewards.

Shadowlands Mythic +15 dungeons leave no room for errors. One trivial mistake may cost you hours of grinding. And make you go back to lower-level dungeons. When you are on this level of game, you don’t want to make any bets. That’s why Mythic 15 boosts have such appeal to various players.

Even More Reasons to Buy a Mythic 15 Boost

Looking for a professional Mythic 15 boost service? You have to come to the right place. Our every Mythic 15 boost service is fast, safe, and silent. We use VPN cloaking technology, so you don’t receive any bans or disqualifications. We guarantee your privacy in all our carry offers. Not only will you get what you paid for, but have a fun experience along the way.

Our boosting service is available to members of both factions. Across all realms, at any given time. Night or day, it doesn’t matter. We’ll complete your boost quickly. Once you buy your carry, we will contact you, and your boost will begin shortly after.

Professional boosters will help you have the best possible Mythic keystone 15 boosts. Our teams of boosters know every in and out of each Mythic dungeon. With hundreds of Mythic runs under their belt, they can overcome any problem. And finish every boost in record time.

If you choose to run the Mythic +15 dungeon yourself, you’ll be glad to know that we have such a service. The so-called selfplay mode allows you to experience the game and dungeon firsthand. All while playing alongside World of Warcraft veterans. Keep in mind that your char should have decent gear for the selfplay services. And that you need to have some basic running knowledge to complete the run within the time limit.

Blizzard’s Policy and Mythic+ Carry

Blizzard’s policy says carries lead to account ban. But our boosting employees use VPN tech to protect your privacy. They will have the same IP address from your town. No one will know about the boosting services we’ve completed for you. Not your friends. Not game developers. With us, your privacy is guaranteed. That is our policy. If you got any question about our offer, contact our customer support. Our customer support agents will explain everything about your privacy and our offers.

WoW Classic, Fated Raids, and Other Boosts

This page is Mythic+ Shadowlands carries. If you’re looking for World Warcraft Classic boosts, check out our Classic services. These include Classic PvP, power leveling, and Classic mounts. Looking for raids? Check out our Fated Raids Heroic. This boost gets you 291-297 ilvl tailored for your class. Plus, you have guaranteed loot if you go with the traders option.


During a Mythic 15 boost, we’ll take your character to a random dungeon and complete it on a Mythic +15 difficulty. This will ensure you not only get maximum ilvl reward at the end of the boost, but in your weekly chest as well. For this service, you can play alongside our team (self-play), or our professional booster can log into your account and play on your behalf (account-share).

When you complete a Mythic +15 dungeon on time, you will get at least one item at the end of the run. The item will have an item level of 120+. Moreover, our boosters will trade any items they acquire to you. In addition, at the end of the week (regular Tuesday reset), a weekly chest will be waiting for you with a 130+ ilvl item. If you haven’t already completed a Mythic +15 dungeon in time, you will also receive a Keystone Conqueror achievement.

Our procedure for ordering is simple:

● You will first need to sign up at Felboost.

● After you register, search for the Mythic 15 boost.

● When you find it, click on the boost.

● Proceed to the cart page.

● From the cart page, go to the checkout page.

● After you are done with the buying process, we will contact you via your preferred communication channel.

● Your boost will start after a while.

Our boosters will. They have hundreds of Mythic+ runs under their belt. Moreover, they will help you complete your run in no time.

Our boosters will. However, remember that our boosting employees have to pass a difficult admission bar before they begin working. This means that they need to have a lot of experience in playing WoW and Mythic+ dungeons. As a matter of fact, our boosters have completed hundreds of Mythic+ runs. Not to mention that our boosters will do anything they can in order to protect your account. They all use a VPN cloaking tech, so you don’t have to experience any ban or account suspension.

Of course, you can. We give you complete control over when the order will start. In addition, we always have several teams in our rooster who are ready to begin working at any time. If by chance, you are still unsure about this, you can contact our customer support representatives for further assistance.

After completing over 15,000 orders, we still don’t have a customer who got banned for buying a boosting service. There are several reasons for this. For starters, every order we do, we do by hand, with no bots, cheats, or any illegal programs. Moreover, we always utilize VPN cloaking technology. All of this creates a ban-less experience for our customers. Ultimately, it’s really hard to receive a ban during a self-play boosting.

Yes, offer different additional services like Ny’alotha Heroic, and WoW Character Boost. If you want to buy a customized boost, feel free to contact our friendly customer support agents.

Account-sharing is our usual procedure for most boosts. In essence, our high-ranking booster will log into your account and play your character while the boost lasts.

If you wish to set a time and date for your order, you can always contact our customer support. Although, if we don’t conclude a different agreement, your order will begin as soon as possible, usually in less than one hour after you buy it.

The expected delivery time for our Mythic +15 boosts is usually around 25-35 minutes per run, after you receive an invite from our booster team.

The chances of your account getting disqualified for using a Mythic 15+ boost are slim. Self-play options make disqualification impossible. In addition, for account-sharing options, our boosters use cloaking VPN technology to ensure further safety for your account. Not a single one of our customers received a ban or disqualification.

If Blizzard disqualifies your character, you will only lose the loot from that run. You will still be able to play on your account as if nothing has happened. Even though this never happens, if it does, we will refund you for what you bought. Or complete another run free of charge.

Although when you buy any boost, you’re violating Blizzard’s Terms and Conditions, our employees are professionals in their niche who use VPN and other cloaking technologies to keep your character safe. Our customers have never had a ban, penalty, disqualification, or suspension from buying at us.

Our boosting employees come from all around the globe. What they all have is that they are all extremely skilled in playing World of Warcraft, fluently speak English, and most importantly, they don’t work for any other boosting company. This increases the overall security of our orders.

If we don’t deliver on what we agreed, or if you receive any disqualifications or other issues, we will give you a full refund of your initial purchase. If you would like to know about this, you should check out our Refund Policy Page.

No, we don’t. We haven’t, or ever will use any bot, hack, cheat, third-party programs, or any type of program that gives an unfair advantage over other World of Warcraft users. Every order is done 100% by hand, and through the skills our boosters have.

If the run is completed with less than 20% of duration remaining, your Keystone will receive an upgrade of +1. If 20%-40% time remains, it will receive an upgrade of +2. Ultimately, if there is more than 40% time left, your Keystone will receive an upgrade of +3. .

Every time a player turns on a Keystone that has a level of 4, 7, and 10, the game adds a dungeon modifier — a single for Mythic +4, and three modifiers for Mythic +10 and above. These modifiers go as follows:

● Necrotic: The mobs melee attack deals added damage and reduce the healing you receive through a debuff that stacks with each attack.

● Sanguine: Enemies leave a pool of blood after they are dead that heals other enemies and deals damage to your team.

● Bolster: When you kill a trash mob, the kill empowers other trash mobs.

● Skittish: A tank has a harder time to aggro enemies.

● Rage: Trash enemies receive enraged state after they are left with less than 30% health. Enraged enemies deal 100% more damage until you kill them.

● Grieve: Whenever a player hits below 90% health, they receive a damaging debuff that stacks. You’ll have to heal this buff as fast as you can.

● Teeming: There are more enemies inside the dungeon. The amount of enemies you need to kill in order to acquire the loot at the end of the dungeon is also increased.

● Explosion: As you fight mobs, they will occasionally create an Explosive Orb that you need to destroy fast. Otherwise, it will explode.

● Vulcan: When you fight mobs, they create lava spots under your character’s feet.

Nope. You definitely can’t. This is particularly true for self-play modes — you are able to play whenever you like. Also, the only thing you have to do is coordinate with our boosters during the boost. During the account-share option, our boosters will play on your account and will contact when the boost ends.

If you have ordered Mythic 15+ Boost in the account-sharing mode, you shouldn’t sing in or use your account in any manner. This is required because multi sign-ins on a single account increase the chances of Blizzard placing red flags on that account.

Fortunately, our boosters use cutting-edge VPN technology in order to ensure they have the same IP address from your city and country. This way, your account is secure, and the chances for red flags are much lower. Moreover, you should mute your friends before the boost starts, so they don’t contact you and misunderstand the whole thing.

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