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Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid


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This debut Destiny 2 Raid presents the ultimate challenge for even the most seasoned Destiny players. Leviathan Raid is comprised of puzzles, challenging encounters, huge boss fights and navigating it all without any assistance can be seriously difficult. This is where we come in! Our pro players will welcome your character to our raid team and complete the run in no time. You will get some of the best rewards in the game, including powerful gear upgrades, raid chests, consumable coins and much more. In most cases, it takes us only a couple of hours to carry out the boost. Use Premium Options below to customize your order. If you’re stuck on the last boss encounter, set Premium Options to “Only Calus Kill” and we’ll get it done in a matter of minutes.


  • Leviathan Raid cleared in Normal mode
  • Random Powerful Raid gear and weapons 
  • Random Rare and Legendary Engrams
  • Emperor Calus tokens
  • All loot from the chests, depending on your chosen raid options
  • Raid challenge complete, depending on your chosen raid options


  • Destiny 2 account, with active subscription
  • Prestige Raid unlocked
  • Power Level 260. If you don’t have time to level your character, you can order our Power Level Boost
  • Level 20 Character. You can also order our 1-20 Leveling service
  • After making an order, please follow the instructions from our agent

ETA: 1-7 days

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Premium Options

Leviathan Raid Boost is available in both Normal and Prestige mode.
It can be delivered through Account Share or Selfplay, whichever you prefer.
Use Premium Features below to further customize your order.


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