Power Leveling Boost is the least complicated way to QUICKLY LEVEL UP your character from LEVEL 100-110. This is ACCOUNT SHARE service, and it takes less than 24 hours to be completed. Power Leveling is 100% DONE BY HAND, without the use of any third party programs. Members of our boosting team are highly experienced PRO PLAYERS. We are using PREMIUM VPN SERVERS and other security protocols to ensure maximum protection of your account. Feel free to contact us anytime via Skype or Customer Support  if you need more information about this service.


  • Level 110 for the desired character
  • Quest line for chosen artifact weapon
  • Friendly / Honored reputation with all 4 Broken Isle Factions
  • All artifact power and gold obtained during our service


  • World of Warcraft Legion account with active subscription
  • No gear requirements
  • At least level 100 Character
  • After making an order, please follow the instructions from our agent


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Power Leveling Boost is available on both EU and US servers, and it uses Account Share Play Type. Simply select the current level of your character in slider control below. ETA: 1-24 hours

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Select Leveling Span: 100 - 110

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