Horrific Visions Boost



  • Live Stream is FREE of charge for every WoW Horrific Visions Boost
  • Every account-share service is carried out through Premium VPN servers of your Country / City
  • Regarding self-play mode of Horrific Vision boost there are two styles of boost. One is played out with you standing in the spawn zone of the Horrific Vision and only tagging the last boss of the Horrific Vision prior to end of the boost, and the other play style is the one where you go and take down every wing and last boss with the team which is servicing your order.
  • First play-style will get you 470ilvl corrupted item in a 5 mask run and 1 chest while the second play-style will get you 5 chests and 470 ilvl corrupted item and a lot more Corrupted Mementos



  • Quest item to upgrade your legendary cloak Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve
  • Corrupted gear up to 470+ ilvl, depending which option you choose
  • Chance at getting toys/mount and upgrading your essences by farming Sparks of Unwavering Strengths
  • Also Corrupted Mementos currency to unlock upgrades at Titanic Research Archive


  • Item level 420+ is required for this service to be done, if you do not have item level required for this check out our WoW Gearing Boost page
  • For the services ” Full run with 4 or 5 masks” your character must have average of 460+ ilvl and last row titanic research upgrade called Gift of the Titans
  • Vessel of Horrific Visions is required for this service. If you don’t have the item, you can select the option for us to obtain the item for you
  • Level 120 character. If you don’t have time to level your own character you can order our Safe 110-120 Hand Leveling Service
  • Access to Horrific Visions must be unlocked

Delivery Time

  • Delivery time of one Horrific Vision run is 20-30 minutes


Premium Options for WoW Horrific Visions Boost

Horrific Visions are newly added scenario content introduced in patch 8.3 Visions of N'Zoth. You can purchase the service on this page and get into new solo content that is a mix between mage tower and Death of Chromie scenarios, and show how the world would look like if N'Zoth got the upper-hand. Access to Horrific Visions is granted through completion of N'Zoth assaults in Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Uldum.

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