Honor Levels - Prestige Boost
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Honor Levels – Prestige Boost


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To get 1 Prestige Rank, You are required to farm 50 Honor Ranks. We know how tedious and boring all this farming can get so we decided to do the entire job instead of you and complete a full prestige rank. This service requires account-share, and it takes 1-75 days to be completed, depends on package you chose. We don’t use any 3rd party programs or any playing system that would give our booster advantage over other WoW players. Honor leveling is done by hand, and the only resources we use are our exceptional pro players. They will get you to prestige rank through daily PvP objectives, PvP world quests and mostly through Arena skirmishes and random Battlegrounds. If you want to order a specific amount of honor levels or multiple prestige ranks, feel free to contact us to check our current discounts.


  • The amount of prestige ranks that you ordered
  • All honor talents unlocked
  • All artifact power and gold obtained during our service
  • All achievements obtained during our service


  • World of Warcraft Legion account with active subscription
  • No gear requirements
  • Level 110 Character. If you don’t have time to level your character
    you can order our 100-110 hand-leveling service
  • After making an order, please follow the instructions from our agent

ETA: 1-75 days

Premium Options

Honor Level prestige boost is available on both EU and US servers. This service uses account-share play type.

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