The Great Vault



Premium Options for WoW The Great Vault Boost

The Great Vault is new feature introduced in WoW Shadowlands, and its equivalent for BFA Mythic+ and PvP weekly cache. For our WoW The Great Vault boost service, one of our verified players will log into your account and complete desired amount of Mythic+ dungeons, or Castle Nathria bosses. Please indicate in our options above, your region, would you like The Great Vault chest obtained through Mythic+ dungeons or Castle Nathria raid, and chest level, and you are all set.


  • For all The Great Vault boost services, we use premium VPN servers of your Country/City.
  • WoW The Great Vault service is carried through account-share mode.
  • Live Stream is free of charge for all The Great Vault boosting services.
  • WoW The Great Vault boost is acquired by completing latest Shadowlands PvE content - Mythic+ & Castle Nathria
  • All resources and rewards obtained during our service will remain same or higher after our boost is completed.
  • If you are interested in other PvE services, make sure you check our Shadowlands Mythic+ Dungeons and our Shadowlands Raids Category.



  • Desired The Great Vault chest obtained on your character
  • All gold, and items obtained during WoW The Great Vault boost



  • At least 160+ ilvl on your character
  • You need to have unlocked access to Torghast Tower, and The Maw.
  • At least level 60 character. If you don’t have time to level your character you can order our Safe 50-60 Hand Leveling Service.


Delivery Time

  • Estimated delivery time for completing WoW The Great Vault boost is 1 to 3 days.