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Options for Castle Nathria Normal Boost:

Our Castle Nathria Normal boost uses personal loot runs. That means there are no guaranteed items if you decide to go with a personal loot system. On the other hand, if you buy a Castle Nathria Normal boost with the Loot Traders option, you’ll have guaranteed items depending on the number of loot traders you selected.

PLEASE NOTE: At the moment, loot trader options are only available for certain classes. We offer up to 7 additional players with same armor type as your character. For more information about loot traders please contact our customer support.

You can order your Castle Nathria Normal Boost either in account-share or self-play mode. In the first, our booster will log into your account and complete the run with other boosters, while in the latter, you get to enjoy an amazing Castle Nathria experience as you play alongside gurus of the game. Maybe even learn something new about the raid while running alongside gamers who know every in and out.

If you want, you can order multiple Castle Nathria Normal runs, with discount depending on the number of runs. Moreover, you are free to slip multiple runs any way you want. For any additional questions and order customization feel free to contact our friendly customer service.

In-Depth Description

  • We’ll complete the Castle Nathria Normal raid.
  • You can buy Castle Nathria Normal boost either in account-share or self-play mode.
  • Live Stream is free of charge for all account-share orders.
  • Premium VPN servers of your Country/Town for all account-share orders.
  • If you order several Castle Nathria Normal runs, you can split them any way you like.
  • We have multiple teams with flexible schedules, ready to start playing any time you want them to.
  • For any additional questions, feel free to contact our 24/7 friendly customer support.
  • If you would like to have a guaranteed item drop and equipped item level, you should check out Loot Traders option, and our  WoW Character Boost.



  • Self-play mode is completely free of charge.
  • You get 200 ilvl items tailored for your class or specialization.
  • Acquire a chance to obtain 207 ilvl items from last two bosses.
  • You keep all the items you acquire through a personal loot system.
  • Kill all 10/10 Castle Nathria bosses. On Normal difficulty!
  • You have guaranteed loot if you go with the Loot Traders option.


Delivery Time

  • We’ll complete Castle Nathria Normal Boost in less than 3 hours.



  • Level 60 Character.
  • Luckily, there are no gear or item level requirements. If you don’t have time to level your character, you should take a look at our Safe 50-60 Hand Leveling Boost.


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Shadowlands Have Arrived

With a singular strike of destruction, Sylvanas Windrunner has unlocked a way to the afterlife. Loyal protectors of Azeroth, including you, are now dragged into a terrible dark, while ancient dreadful forces are trying to become free and destroy reality.

Once you go to the other side, you’ll find yourself in a place of wonder and horrors. Shadowland is a place between worlds, the home of those lost, that keeps the delicate harmony of life and death.

Only the strongest champions of Azeroth will receive the gift of power to enter. Both in soul and body. Now, new investigations await. You’ll have to unravel the plot to destroy the whole of Azeroth and aid World of Warcraft legends to either come back or fulfill their ultimate fate.

What hides beyond what we know and see? The Shadowlands, a location brimming with doom and gloom. A hidden realm where mortal vessels go to. Some virtuous. Some evil. But all who have ever lived go there. You will as well.

Become a pilgrim of torment, imprisonment, and horror. Go beyond rebirth and find eternal rewards. Or, just buy Castle Nathria normal boost and be the first one to get all the best rewards.

What is Castle Nathria Raid?

Castle Nathria is one of the hardest raids in the latest World of Warcraft expansion — Shadowlands. It’s brimming with difficult bosses, all the way up to Sire Denathrius. Sire Denathrius is one of the four Old Gods, malicious beings bent on destroying Azeroth. The titans cast them away a long time ago, but that didn’t stop them.

You’ll find this vampire-like, gothic-style fortress towering powerful above the rest of the Revendreth zone. As for the entrance, you won’t have any trouble reaching it. You can find it the center location of Revendreth, while the currently nearest accessible flight path is located by the Menagerie of the Master.

As one of the latest, and hardest, raids in the World of Warcraft expansion, Castle Nathria makes it vital that every team member knows the ins and outs of the dungeon, the majority of raid-based mechanics, great reflexes, and, of course, skillful gameplay. No wonder a lot of players decide to use Castle Nathria normal carry. Whether because they don’t have the time to prepare for the raid, can’t find a great team, or their reflexes and gameplay isn’t what it used to be.

Luckily, with our normal Castle Nathria boost, you’ll get a quick and smooth raiding experience. All our boosters have already defeated the Castle Nathria raid multiple times. With all the classes. They know how to pass all the raid requirements and put in the dust any and all challenges that will come along the path. If you decide to go with a self-play option, you’ll get to experience all the fun without any difficulties.

Defeat all 10 bosses, including Sire Denathrius, and get high-quality, high-level loot for your class or spec.

The Great Vault

When you destroy bosses in Castle Nathria, whether on Normal, Heroic, or Mythic level, this will go toward your Great Vault Raid Weekly Goals. Even increase the likelihood of a Castle Nathria loot option to your selection when you get access to your Great Vault to choose your single piece of gear for your weekly bonus. If you want to get the bonus Raid loot in your Great Vault, you’ll need to destroy at least three bosses.

However, if you destroy seven bosses or even all 10 raid bosses, this will increase your selection of bonus items up to three different pieces of Raid gear. Moreover, if you destroy higher difficulty Raid bosses, you’ll have a chance to get higher ilvl gear. Of course, if you decide to buy Castle Nathria normal boost at Felboost, we’ll make sure to kill all 10 bosses, so you get the best possible loot.

Why Buy Castle Nathria Normal Boost?

Well, firstly, Castle Nathria raids are anything but easy. Just like most other World of Warcraft Shadowland raids, Castle Nathria is way harder than your average run. A lot of WoW players try to avoid running such hard raids at all costs. This is because the majority of other raiding team members don’t follow most raid mechanics. In addition, searching for and having a normal, playable team in Normal or Heroic pugs is hard.

If you have been playing World of Warcraft for a long time, you know that after Mists of Pandaria, came a lot of hard bosses who can easily kill the whole group. Every player has to monitor everything that comes in the raid. This can become an almost unattainable objective as you reach higher-end bosses like Sludgefist, Stone Legion Generals, and Sire Denathrius.

For instance, during these boss fights, your whole raid team has to ricochet a ball in circles in a specific location while avoiding striking anything at the same time. Not to mention that the bosses like Sludgefist are particularly known as hard team destroyers who are just itching to kill unlucky public teams. Your group has to erase all four pillars in the wing, and then slam them into a door.

Yes, all of this looks simple in theory. However, public raid teams are often brimming with players who are either toxic, flaming, don’t communicate at all, or basically don’t know how to play the game. No wonder a lot of players decide to buy Castle Nathria normal boost instead of frustrating over and over because of toxic pug players.

Castle Nathria Normal Carry — a Completely Different Experience

Did you know that, in Castle Nathria, player power creeps play a huge role in raiding. Just like in Ny’Alotha (Battle of Azeroth Raid), the last two bosses give way better rewards. Now, when you buy Castle Nathria normal boost, you will find yourself immersed in a way different experience.

This is because we guarantee our employees will defeat the raid as quickly as possible. You, on the other hand, get all the best gear rewards. If you decide to use the self-play option, you’ll be running Castle Nathria with our expert group of boosters. Besides receiving loot, you’ll learn a lot about running Castle Nathria from our booster. Not to mention that you’ll have an astounding gaming journey.

While Castle Nathria may be a new raid, our boosters have already defeated it several times. With each and every class and spec. Not to mention that our booster are way experienced in raiding, have all the essential gear needed for it, and will 100% destroy all 10 Castle Nathria bosses faster than any guild or public team.

More About Castle Nathria Normal Carry

Lest we forget, we guarantee that our every Castle Nathria normal carry is completely secure and anonymous. Our employees use cloaking VPN technologies in order to have an IP address from your city or country. This makes sure you won’t experience any disqualification or ban. Not only will you receive a boost that’s quick, but also one that not a single person will know about.

In fact, no one except our employees who manage your account will be able to access your private data. Heck, even they can only access it when the carry requires it. Moreover, your faction doesn’t matter. We can accomplish any normal Castle Nathria boost — Alliance or Horde.

Our boosting services also encompass all servers and realms. Additionally, you’re in complete control when deciding when your order will begin. Whether it’s night or day, the European Union or the United States. We got several booster teams with flexible schedules just waiting to start your normal Castle Nathria boost. And they’ll run it quickly and successfully.

Not to mention that, if you decide to purchase multiple Castle Nathria boosts, you’ll be able to split them in any way you want. All our boosting teams know everything there’s to know about normal Castle Nathria boost:

How to kill all 10 bosses
What unique mechanic each boss has
How to resolve any issue or challenge along the way

In fact, our boosters have already completed dozens and dozens of Castle Nathria boosts. Lest we forget, they will also shy away from interacting with any other player in the game, so your account won’t receive any disqualification or ban.

Self-play Versus Account-share

Also, if you want to play alongside our boosting team, we guarantee you'll have an amazing and enjoyable run. Also known as a self-play option, this mode allows you to experience Castle Nathria first hand all while killing its bosses alongside World of Warcraft gurus, who know every in and out of Castle Nathria.

However, you should remember that your char will need to have great gear and that you have to possess some basic Castle Nathria raid knowledge in order for everything to run smoothly.

Moreover, Felboost’s friendly customer service will aid you in any way it can. If you find any
issue during the order, or just want to ask a question or voice a concern, feel free to contact them. Our customer support agents will also provide you with a continuous stream of updates, let you know where your order is, and speak to you if anything that requires your attention happens.

On the other hand, you decide to go with an account-share mode, you’ll be able to live stream the whole boost completely free. In the end, if you buy Castle Nathria normal boost, you can rest assured we will complete it 100% by hand. We don’t use bots, scripts, or any kind of illegal software. Only teams of highly trained and expert boosters.

What Rewards You Get When You Buy Castle Nathria Normal Carry?

If you buy a normal Castle Nathria boost, you can forget about playing with low-ilvl LFR gear. Instead, you’ll get 200 ilvl items tailored for your class or specialization. Also, there’s a chance you’ll obtain 207 ilvl items from the last two bosses. In addition, you keep all the items you acquire through a personal loot system. Of course, you’ll clear all 10/10 Castle Nathria bosses. On Normal difficulty! Including the dreadful Sire Denathrius.

Not to mention that self-play mode is completely free of charge. If you want guaranteed loot, you should check out the Loot Traders option. Moreover, you’ll acquire four different achievements: Halls of Devotion, Gift of Flesh, Vision of Destiny, and The Waking Dream.

When you defeat the last boss Sire Denathrius, during the normal Castle Nathria boost, you’ll also get every raider’s praised achievement — Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius. With Ahead of the Curve achievement, you’ll acquire Spawn of Vexiona — an item N’Zoth drops, and that starts the quest that ends with fantastic Uncorrupted Voidwing mount.

The first eight bosses in Castle Nathria will drop 200 ilvl loot on normal difficulty. While the last two — Stone Legion Generals and Sire Denathrius — drop slightly ilvl loot (207).

In Castle Nathria, you don’t get class-specific transmog appearances. Rather, every armor type, including cloth, leather, mail, and plate, has a set that symbolizes the atmosphere of Castle Nathria. Basically, you’ll look like a vampiresque knight.

Castle Nathria Bosses

Whether you decide to use normal Castle Nathria boost or not, here are the ten bosses you’ll fight in the raid.

Shriekwing who guards Castle Nathria entry hall. She’s a blind creature who finds its victims with terrorizing shrieks that echo through the chamber’s walls. Often, the last sound you’ll hear in the Grand Walk is her cry as she descends upon you.

Huntsman Altimor. Since Sire Denathrius rarely goes hunting, Huntsman Altimor ensures the master can eat the finest beasts if he ever goes hungry. Hecutis, Barghast, and Margore were trained longer than most creatures have lived, and each one is prepared to deliver its master’s wrath to any being in his domain.

Sun King’s Salvation. In the ominous halls of Castle Nathria, souls are often tortured not atone for their sins, but to intensify them. Prince Kael’thas, full of hybris, is burdened not just with his own sins, but also with the sins of others. This, alongside his hate and pain, turned him into a powerful weapon. Moreover, this placed his soul in peril, and it must be saved. Not only for his own sake but for the sake of the whole Shadowlands.

Artificer Xy'mox. Unlike others in Castle Nathria, the Artificer isn’t loyal to Sire Denathrius. He simply saw an opportunity and exploited it to his own ends. While Artificer Xy'mox works alongside Denathrius, he’s mostly concerned with being on the better end of the agreement, which could require the demise of Nathria’s invaders.

Hungering Destroyer. All devourers live on anima. At least, when they can have it. Since the drought has afflicted the whole of Shadowlands, it isn’t surprising that the vilest and most terrible of all devourers can be found in the richest store of the anime in the halls of Castle Nathria.

More About Castle Nathria Bosses

Lady Inerva Darkvein. Since Anima is a fuel in Shadowlands, the Lady Inerva looks to unlock its mysteries. Lectured by Sire Denathrious, she was educated on sinister secrets to modify Anima to hurt his enemies. She steals Anima from Nathria’s marauders and utilizes it creates a sinister new future.

The Council of Blood. The Council of Blood looks over courtly tasks in Revendreth. Lord Stavros, a fleeting dandy, is the court’s dance leader but is dangerous with the blades as well. On the other hand, Castellan Niklaus is a rough military leader with powerful willpower and indestructible armor. Last but not least, Baroness Frieda has strong Anima magic and leads the dredger wait staff, besides having the utter respect of the entire castle.

Sludgefist. Born in the mud underneath Castle Nathria, Sludgefist now meanders the halls as he awaits commands from Sire Denathrius. His powerful footsteps echo throughout the walls of Castle Nathria, announcing his coming from several halls away.

Stone Legion Generals. These ancient stoneborn generals, including Grashaal and Kaal, have attacked Prince Renathal's rebellion since the beginning of the conflict. A long time before, they were General Draven’s apprentice and mentor. Today, their power, cunning, and military might serve other forces. No one defies the Sire’s will.

Sire Denathrius. For countless eons, Sire Denathrius stood along with the Eternal Ones who commanded the realm of Death. However, when the darkest hour in Shadowlands came, he became disloyal to his sacred obligation. As sycophants and loyalists defend him, and with the living blade Remornia in his hand, Sire Denathrius will destroy all those who try to defeat him and place what’s left of them in the malicious terror of the Maw.


During Heroic Castle Nathria boost, two things can happen. Either our high-ranking booster will play your character and complete the raid with other boosters (account-share mode), or you will complete the dungeon alongside our boosting employees (self-play mode).

If you buy Castle Nathria Heroic boost, you will receive 213-220 ilvl items specifically for your class and spec. You’ll also keep all the items you get from the personal loot system. Not to mention bragging rights about clearing all 10 Castle Nathria bosses, including the infamous Sire Denathrius. Even more, about defeating them on Heroic difficulty.

If you decide to buy the loot traders option, you will have guaranteed items depending on the number of loot traders you choose. That’s 10/10 personal loot rewards, as well as up to +7 loot trader rewards.

Ordering from us is easy:

● You will first need to sign up at Felboost.

● After you register, search for the Castle Nathria carry.

● When you find it, click on the boost.

● Proceed to the cart page.

● From the cart page, go to the checkout page.

● After you are done with the purchasing process, we will contact you via your preferred communication method.

● Your order will begin after some time.

Our boosters will. They have dozens of Castle Nathria carries under their belt. You can even learn something new about Castle Nathria raids as you play together with our boosters — the gurus of Castle Nathria runs.

Our boosting employees will. However, know that our boosters need to pass a difficult admission bar before they begin working. This means that they need to have a lot of experience in playing WoW and Castle Nathria raids. As a matter of fact, our boosters have completed dozens of Castle Nathria runs. Not to mention that our boosters will do anything they can in order to protect your account.

Yes, you can. We grant you complete freedom over when you want the run to begin. In addition, we always have multiple teams in our rooster who are ready to complete orders at any time. If by chance, you are still unsure about this, you can always contact our friendly customer support agents for further assistance.

After completing over 15,000 boosts, we still don’t have a customer who received a suspension, disqualification, or ban, for purchasing our self-play boosting service. There are several reasons for this. For starters, every order we do, we do by hand, with no cheats, bots, or any illegal programs.

In addition, for account-share orders we always utilize VPN cloaking technology. All of this lowers chances of getting account suspension for every customer who uses an account-share mode. Moreover, if you select the self-play option, there’s zero chance for a ban.

Yes, we offer various additional services like WoW Item Level Boost, Shadowlands PvP, Torghast Tower boosts, and much more. If you want to customize your Castle Nathria carry, you should contact our friendly customer support agents.

Account-sharing is how we complete most of our boosts. Basically, our high-ranking booster will log into your account and play with your character until we complete the order. They will use VPN cloaking tech in order to have the same IP address as your town or country, ensuring maximum safety for your account.

If you want your boost to begin at a specific time you just need to contact our customer service. However, if we don’t agree otherwise, your boost will start as soon as possible, usually in less than one hour after you buy it.

The expected delivery time for our Castle Nathria Heroic carry is usually up to 3 hours per run. The boost will begin after you receive an invite from our booster team.

Although when you buy any boost, you’re violating Blizzard’s Terms and Conditions, our boosters are professionals in their niche who use VPN’s and other cloaking technologies to keep your character safe. Our customers have never received a penalty, ban, disqualification, or suspension from buying our boosts.

Our boosting employees come from all around the globe. What makes them similar is that they are all extremely skilled at playing World of Warcraft, dungeons, raids, and fluently speak English. More importantly, they use VPN cloaking technology and don’t work for other boosting providers. This increases the overall safety of our boosting services.

If we don’t deliver on what we agreed, if you receive a suspension, ban, disqualification, experience any other problem, or you just aren’t satisfied with the order, we will give you a full refund of your initial purchase. If you would like to know more, check out our Refund Policy Page.

No, we don’t. We haven’t, or ever will use any hack, bot, cheat, third-party software, or any kind of illegal program that provides unfair advantages to our boosters over other World of Warcraft users. Every order is done 100% by hand, and through the skills our boosters have.

Nope. You definitely can’t. This especially applies to self-play mode — you are able to play whenever you want without fear of suspension. Also, the only thing you have to do during self-play is coordinate with our boosters during the boost. During the account-share option, our boosters will play on your account with VPN cloaking technology to have the same IP address as your city/country and to ensure maximum safety.

If you have ordered Castle Nathria carry in the account-sharing mode, you shouldn’t log into or use your account in any way. This is required because multi sign-ins on the same account increase the chances of Blizzard placing red flags on the players account.

Fortunately, our boosters use cutting-edge VPN technology in order to ensure they have the same IP address from your City and Country. This way, your account is beyond secure, and the likelihood of red flags is much lower. Moreover, you should mute your friends before the boost starts, so they don’t contact you and misunderstand the whole thing.

If you select a personal loot system for your Castle Nathria order, you get to keep whichever loot drops for your character during the boost. In the personal loot system, we can’t guarantee the number of items you will gain during the carry.

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