BFA Reputation Farm



Premium Options for BFA Reputation Boost

Our BFA reputation boost is carried through account-share mode. We will farm certain reputation on your character until Revere level. In the options above simply choose your region, desired reputation, and enter your character armory link. If you have any questions, or you have special request, our 24/7 friendly customer support is at your disposal.



  • BFA reputation boost is carried through account-share mode.
  • For all BFA reputation boost orders, live stream is free of charge.
  • We use premium VPN servers of your Country/City.
  • Price can be lowered by 10% if you already have some reputation progress on your character.
  • If you need specific service to be farmed, make sure you check our WoW Farming Per Hour page, or WoW Farming & Questing.



  • Desired reputation farmed until Revered level on your character.
  • Daily World Quests completion for reputation of your choosing.
  • Lots of Azerite to level up your Heart of Azeroth.



  • Level 50 character. If you don’t have time to level your character you can order our Safe 1-50 Hand Leveling Service.
  • No item level or gear requirements.


Delivery Time

  • We have several flexible players at your disposal ready to start on your order.
  • Delivery time of BFA reputation boost depends on your current reputation progress.
  • Approximate delivery time for obtaining revered level is 2 days to 12 days.