BFA Reputation Farm




Premium Options for BFA Reputation Boost

Our BFA Reputation Boost is carried in account-share mode. One of our verified players will log into your account and farm certain reputation on your character until Reverd or Exalted level. In the options below simply choose your Region, Faction and select would you rather like us to farm Revered or Exalted reputation for you. If you have any questions or you want to know more about BFA Reputation boost, feel free to contact our friendly customer support


  • BFA Reputation boost is carried through account-share mode.
  • Live Stream is FREE of charge for this service.
  • Premium VPN servers of your Country/City.
  • Price can be LOWERED by 10% if you already have certain reputation progress on your character.
  • Reputations available on Horde: The Honorbound, Zandalari Empire, Voldunai, Talanji's Expedition, Champions of Azeroth, The Unshackled, Rustbolt Resistance.
  • Reputations available on Alliance: 7th Legion, Order of Embers, Proudmoore Admiralty, Storms's Wake, Champions of Azeroth, Waveblade Ankoan, Rustbolt Resistance.


  • Desired reputation farmed until Revered or Exalted level.
  • Daily World Quests completion for reputation of your choosing.
  • Lots of Azerite to level up your Heart of Azeroth.


Delivery Time

  • We have several flexible players at your disposal to start on your order and play until your desired reputation level.
  • Delivery time of BFA Reputation boost depends on your current reputation progress and reputation you want us to farm for you, approximate delivery time for finishing reputation farm is 2 days to 12 days.