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Premium Options for BFA Island Expedition Boost

For our BFA Island Expedition boost, we will have a top verified players log into your account and play as many island expeditions as you desire. We offer WoW Island Expedition Boost in two different difficulties, Heroic and Mythic. Please choose your desired combination in our options below.


  • WoW Island Expedition boost is carried through account-share mode.
  • Live Stream is FREE of charge for this service.
  • Premium VPN servers of your Country/City.
  • WoW Island Expedition boost is acquired by completing your desired amount if island expeditions on your character.
  • All resources and items obtained during our service will remain same or higher after our boost is completed.


  • 225 Azerite for Heroic Expedition.
  • 300 Azerite for Mythic Expedition.
  • All Heroic Island Expedition achievements.
  • All Mythic Island Expedition achievements.


  • 395+ ilvl required to enter Heroic Island Expeditions.
  • 415+ ilvl required to enter Mythic Island Expeditions.
  • Level 120 Character. If you don’t have time to level your character you can check out our Safe 110-120 Hand Leveling Service.

Delivery Time

  • Estimated delivery time of WoW Island Expedition Boost is 1-12 hours, depending on option your select below.



Island Expeditions are a special game mode, introduced in Battle for Azeroth where 3 player team will race with an opposing faction 3 player team, controlled by AI. Whichever team acquires 6000 Azerite first, wins. This is a PvE game mode.

For our Island Expedition service, we will have a professional player log into your account and complete the Island Expedition Event for you on your desired difficulty.

If you’re interested in setting a time and date of your choosing you can always give us a notification in a note or say it directly to our support agents. However, if no indication has been made, we will begin as soon as possible, normally less than 60 minutes after the purchase has been made.

The delivery time of our Island Expedition service depends on the number of wins you chose. But usually, our team plays at least one game every 30 minutes.

By purchasing Island Expedition service from us you are in violation of Blizzard’s ToS, but due to the professionalism and discretion of our boosters, not a single customer received a penalty or suspension for using our services.

Island Expeditions can grant you numerous rewards, including 225 Azerite for winning Heroic in mode and 300 Azerite for winning in Mythic mode, mounts, pets, and highly effective gear.

Account sharing is a standard procedure we use for almost all of our services. This implies that our professional booster will log into your account and play on it for the duration of our service.

The boosters we use are located all over the world, they are extremely skilled players, fluent in English Language and most importantly they do not work for other companies besides us, which increases the overall safety of our services immensely.

In an event where we do not deliver what we promised, or if any harm befalls your account due to our own fault, we offer a full refund of your initial payment. For more information about refunds, you can always check our Refund Policy page.

No. We do not use any third party software, hacks, bots, or any kind of program that would give us an unfair advantage over other players. All our boosts are 100% done by hand and through the skill of our players.

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