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We’re constantly bragging about our highly experienced and talented team. Here’s how you can actually meet some of them and engage in a battle side by side with them. Members of our team are international players with MULTI-GLADIATOR TITLES, all fluent in English. They will share with you some tips and tricks and provide you with PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE to 3v3 Arena. You can order up to 8 hours of coaching, and you don’t have to use it all at once. Pick a schedule that matches up with your needs. We can’t make a direct influence on your rating, but Players with basic PvP experience can usually reach 2000-2300 rating in just 2-3 hours of our service.


  • 1-5 hours of 3v3 play in Arena
  • Play alongside  multi-Gladiator players
  • Advice and suggestions from a professional
  • All rating you obtain during our service


  • World of Warcraft Legion account with active subscription
  • No gear requirements
  • Make sure to be near your PC during scheduled coaching hours. Don’t spend your coaching time on AFK
  • After making an order, please follow the instructions from our agent

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Arena 3v3 Coaching is available on both EU and US servers. Choose the amount of Coaching time you want to receive.
ETA: 1 day

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