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Apex Legends Kill Boosting is an Account-Share type service only. One of our highly skilled boosters will log into your account and complete the number of kills of your choosing.Our boosters will use Premium VPN servers of your City/Country. Please use options below to select your region and the exact number of kills you want to receive.


Boosting your kill count in a game like Apex Legends is a sure way to earn respect from your opponents and become recognized as a great player. Apex Legends Kills boosting is the best option for players looking to rack up those kills and quickly improve their stats. The service will be done as fast as possible and we guarantee you'll receive any number of kills that you choose. Safety is our top priority and all our boosters are highly experienced players with an average of 10+ kills per game. Check out our premium options below and customize your order. Feel free to contact us any time if you want to find out more about Apex Legends Kills boosting.


  • Desired amount of kills on your Apex Legends account
  • In-game rewards and XP
  • A chance to get match wins while farming kills on your account


  • Origin account with original copy of Apex Legends
  • Account-Share type service

Delivery Time

  • Delivery time is completely dependent on the amount of kills you choose



For our Gladiator service, we will have a professional PvP player log into your account and play 3v3 rated arena until 2400 3v3 arena rating and as an addition, our PvP booster will play 50+ games above 2400 3v3 arena in order to obtain Gladiator Title and Gladiator Mount.

In order to receive a title of gladiator, your character has to be in the top 0.5% of the players in your respected Region. This means that the lowest possible rating always changes depending on the people who are in the top 0.5%. Aside from that, you will also need to have a minimum of 50 victories above 2400 rating in 3v3 rated arena mode.

If you’re interested in setting a time and date of your choosing you can always give us a notification in a note or say it directly to our support agents. However, if no indication has been made, we will begin as soon as possible, normally less than 60 minutes after the purchase has been made.

The delivery time of our Gladiator service is until the end of the PvP season.

The chance of getting disqualified for using our Gladiator service is minimal (less than 10%) because we use no third party software to help us gain an advantage over other players, nor do we practice win-trading. We also use premium VPN technology (if you allow us) where we can log into your local IP address so it seems as if you were playing from a different location, that way we can reduce chances of getting a disqualification.

If your character gets disqualified you will only lose the title and mount. The tabard, elite gear, enchant, and all associated achievements remain. You will still be able to play on your account as if nothing happened. So all in all, the only two things you lose by getting disqualified are the title and the mount.

By purchasing a WoW Gladiator boost from us you are in violation of Blizzard’s ToS, but due to the professionalism and discretion of our boosters, barely minimum players received a penalty or suspension for using our services.

No. To ensure the success of this service, we only accept the account share method. However, we are offering 3v3 Selfplay Arena or Arena Coaching with our professional Rank 1 players at any rank.

Once the season ends, if you have the required rating, you will receive the title “The Gladiator”, the most prestigious title in PvP. You will also receive a unique tabard, a prestigious mount only awarded to each season’s Gladiators, and an enchant for your weapon exclusive to Gladiator rated players. In Battle for Azeroth, you will be able to obtain Gladiator Title during current PvP Season, so there is no more waiting for PvP season to end.

If you purchase a WoW Gladiator boost from us, we will keep your 3v3 rating above the minimum required rating so that once the season comes to an end, you can be sure you will make above Gladiator cutoff.

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