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Apex Legends Achievements Boost is an Account-Share type service only. Our boosters will log-in through Premium VPN servers of your City/Country . One of our highly skilled boosters will log into your account and complete the achievement of your choosing. Please use options below to select your region and the achievements/badges you want us to collect.


In Apex Legends, there's a bunch of really cool badges you can set to display when starting a game. The presence of complex badges is a great indicator of your skill and it sends a strong message to your opponents. The only way to unlock these badges is by completing various achievements. The thing is, some of these badges are pretty hard to acquire and might seem completely out of reach for most players. If you're tired of trying to farm those badges and achievements, we're here to help! Apex Legends Achievements Boost gives you an opportunity to easily complete any achievement, with the aid of our experienced pro players. Just pick the achievement or badge that you want to acquire in the list below, and we'll get it done. If you want to make a custom order or need any additional info about Apex legends Achievements Boost, feel free to contact us any time.


  • Apex Legends achievements and badges you have selected
  • In-game rewards and XP
  • A chance to get match wins while farming achievements


  • Origin account with original copy of Apex Legends
  • Account-Share type service

Delivery Time

  • Keep in mind that delivery time might vary depending on the achievement you have selected. Contact our support to find out more!



The chance of getting disqualified for using our Gladiator service is minimal (less than 10%) because we use no third party software to help us gain an advantage over other players, nor do we practice win-trading. We also use premium VPN technology (if you allow us) where we can log into your local IP address so it seems as if you were playing from a different location, that way we can reduce chances of getting a disqualification.

If your character gets disqualified you will only lose the title and mount. The tabard, elite gear, enchant, and all associated achievements remain. You will still be able to play on your account as if nothing happened. So all in all, the only two things you lose by getting disqualified are the title and the mount.

If you purchase a WoW Gladiator boost from us, we will keep your 3v3 rating above the minimum required rating so that once the season comes to an end, you can be sure you will make above Gladiator cutoff.

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