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Sometimes, with the new expansion, Blizzard likes to introduce a new class or a new race. However, in Battle for Azeroth, we have truly hit the lottery and drew six new amazing races, with incredible background stories and racial abilities. The races in question are Highmountain Tauren, Nightborne and Mag’har Orcs for the Horde, and Lightforged Drainei, Void Elves Dark Iron Dwarfs for the Alliance. Alas, Blizzard wouldn’t be Blizzard if they didn’t make us work for it. Unlike regular races, Allied races aren’t initially available. They need to be unlocked through certain actions inside the game. All of these races require exalted reputation with a certain faction, a lot of world quests completed, class hall missions and much more. That being said, if you haven’t played Legion, it may take you quite a lot of time to unlock any of the above-mentioned races. To make things even harder, you cannot unlock Horde Allied Races with an Alliance character, and vice-versa. Luckily, our professional boosters are here for you, and they will take care of this immense grind in a record time.


  • Unlocked Race of your choosing
  • Exalted Reputation with the faction you chose


Delivery Time

  • Approximate delivery time is 1-4 Weeks


Premium Options

For our Allied Races boost, one of our professional boosters will log into your account and complete all the specific actions required to unlock the Allied Race you desire. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer support.

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For our Allied Races service we will have a professional player log into your account and level up reputation of your choosing to the Exalted level.

If you’re interested in setting a time and date of your choosing you can always give us a notification in a note or say it directly to our support agents. However, if no indication has been made, we will begin as soon as possible, normally less than 60 minutes after the purchase has been made.

The delivery time of our Allied Races service depends on the current reputation progress of your character, but it usually takes between 5 and 14 days.

By purchasing the Allied Races service from us you are in violation of Blizzard’s ToS, but due to the professionalism and discretion of our boosters not a single customer received a penalty or suspension for using our services.

The boosters we use are located all over the world, they are extremely skilled World of Warcraft players, Fluent in English Language and most importantly they do not work for other companies besides us, which increases the overall safety of our services immensely.

Account sharing is a standard procedure we use for almost all of our services. This implies that our professional booster will log into your account and play on your character for the duration of our service.

In an event where we do not deliver what we promised, or if any harm befalls your account due to our own fault, we offer a full refund of your initial payment. For more information about refunds you can always check our Refund Policy page.

No. We do not use any third party software, hacks, bots, or any kind of program that would give us an unfair advantage over World of Warcraft players. All our boosts are 100% done by hand and through the skill of our players.

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