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For our Overwatch Accounts services, we offer completely fresh Overwatch accounts with custom adjustment according to your needs. In our Overwatch Accounts collection, we have almost every type of account from brand new level 25 Overwatch Accounts (Smurf Accounts) ready to play the Competitive mode to Grand Master rated accounts. If you wish to immediately start playing Overwatch on any possible rating, then our Overwatch accounts are perfect for you. In case we don’t have specific accounts in our stock, you can order an account from us, with your custom desires, and it will be delivered to you in just a few days. Feel free to contact us for more information over Skype/Discord or just ask anything our customer support in live chat. If you already own an Overwatch account and you want to increase your SR, make sure you check our Overwatch Rank Boost page.


  • 100% Safe Account
  • Desired Overwatch Account
  • Account played by professional Overwatch players

Delivery Time

  • Delivery time is instant unless we don’t have a specific account in stock. If we don’t have the account you asked for, delivery time might take up to 2 days


Premium Options for Overwatch Accounts

For our Overwatch Accounts service, we offer various different accounts ranging from level 25 accounts, ready to play Ranked games, to Grandmaster Ranked Accounts. We also offer custom account creation, where you will tell us what you want on the account and we will do it for you over a course of a couple of days. For more information please contact our friendly customer support.

— A simple guide for shopping at FelBoost

How it works


Find your boost

Select the game that you're interested in and browse through product categories to find your boost. Enjoy browsing our products!


Add to cart

When you find your boost, customize your order through Premium Options & fill Customer Info, then add your order to Cart.


Proceed to checkout

After you review your order, you can check Cart Totals and proceed to Checkout.


Complete the purchase

Fill out Billing Details on the checkout page and proceed to PayPal to complete your purchase.


Schedule your boost

After you complete the purchase, you'll receive an email with order details. We'll contact you within 15 minutes to schedule your boost.


Play or watch the game

In case of Selfplay, you'll get an invitation to join the game before the boost starts. In case of Account Share, you'll get a live stream link.


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Our company is registered with GeoTrust and we have an SSL certificate which means that your personal information is safe as long as you are on our website. We have completed over a eight thousand boosting services and our customers were always happy with the results. On our website, you can click on the links which will take you to OwnedCore forum, EpicNPC forum, or TrustPilot website, where you can find feedback from people we have worked with and check for yourself. If you want you can always contact us via e-mail, Skype or Discord, or whichever method works for you. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us and we will answer all your questions.

The chance to get banned is less than 2%. We do not believe that you will get banned, as none of our previous costumer has ever been banned. Our boosters will not use any cheats or illegal 3rd party software, however boosting and account sharing is against Blizzard ToS so there is always a very small chance. Using a Duo Q boost option will increase your safety to 100%.

As previously stated all of our boosters are professional players, if you do not trust us yet you can request “Live Stream” or Duo Q, so you can see for yourself. Short answer : No, we do not utilize any 3rd party software.

We strive to offer a great service that is also affordable for most users. If you feel like you deserve a higher SR than you are at, you deserve to have the chance to try it out on a higher SR, we do not think that this opportunity should be reserved only for rich people. We care about you and we want to offer you the best possible service.

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