WoW Shadowlands Epic FelBoost Guide

Level squish. Chromie Time. New Content. Shadowlands WoW brought a whole slew of changes to our fav game. That’s why we’ve asked our boosters for help. They’ve made an Epic list of Tricks and Tips that will aid your leveling. So much, in fact, you’ll level up like lightning. In our guide, you can explore […]

WoW Best Healer Epic FelBoost Guide

Are you looking to become WoW Best Healer. Be the pride of your guild? Make every raid leader covet for you? Being a WoW Best Healer is a quite rewarding journey. DPSs are like flies, and tanks are… well, tanks. Healers are the true masters of WoW gameplay. Not damage dealers. Not tanks. Healing is, […]

WoW Best Tank

The first raid tier of Shadowlands, Castle Nathria, has finally been released and players everywhere are gearing up to take on the new content. There are some great tanks in this tier with a variety of different play styles. The ranking below is based on the viability and strength of the various tank specializations for […]

WoW Best Battle Pets

World of Warcraft is a popular MMORPG game that has stood the test of time. With over 12 years worth of content, WoW has amassed hundreds of tamable pets for players to collect and use. These battle pets come in all shapes and sizes with unique stats separated into health, power, and speed. Some are […]

Wow Beginners Guide

Welcome to Felboost WoW beginners guide. Are you just starting your World of Warcraft journey? Don’t know where to start? Or are you joining this great MMORPG again? And after a long while, you’re a bit lost? Don’t worry! We’ve prepared this WoW beginners guide for new and old players alike. Our WoW beginners guide […]

Frost Mage Talents Epic Felboost Guide – PvE and PvP

Only the frostiest players go for the Frost Mage in WoW. Kidding. Hotheads are everywhere. But there’s something chilling about frost mages. About their ice-cold touch. So much we decided to write a guide Frost Mage Talents. It’s gonna be cool as ice. And so much epic you’ll think it came straight from Azeroth. You […]

Shadow Priest Talents

Do you like shadows? Getting your power from the void? This is exactly what Shadow Priest brings on the table. Shadow Priest collect their power from the void and deal damage over time effects such as: Devouring Plague Vampiric Touch Shadow Word—Pain They also use a resource called Insanity. Shadow Priests get it from spell […]

overwatch anniversary

Overwatch 2018 Anniversary Event

Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Blizzard is celebrating its second Overwatch Anniversary this month, and it’s going to be absolutely amazing. The Event started on May 22nd and it will last until June 11th. For these 3 weeks, they’ve prepared a ton of new content, including new items, voice lines, animations, maps and more. If you haven’t […]