FelBoost — Your New Game Boosting Service Provider!

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Stop Grinding and Wasting Your Time

Ever since 2016, we offer top-grade game boosting.
Get prestigious rewards, loot, and achievements tonight!

FelBoost — your new game boosting service provider!

FelBoost — Your New Game Boosting Service Provider!

Since our game boosting service was founded in 2016, we have successfully finished over 15000 orders. Five hundred positive customer reviews stand as a testament to how we do business. Hundreds and hundreds of customers come back again, and again, cause they know our boosting is fast, secure, discrete, and above all else, a satisfying experience.

Today, gaming can be a nuisance. You need to complete quests you don’t want to, pass parts you don’t like, play through boring bits, and grind. And then grind some more. And we just don’t have enough time to waste it on such meaningless tasks.

Our game boosting service includes a wide range of games: World of Warcraft Classic, World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth, and Overwatch. We can get you all: the top achievements, top loot, and top rewards. Rank up, level up, or overpower your character.

Let’s change gaming into what it is supposed to be. Into a fun, satisfying experience. Into delightful gameplay brimming with rewards, accomplishments, and higher ranks & levels. Into something you actually enjoy, rather than having to grind through.

We believe that putting our customers first and nurturing relationships with them is the only way to move forward. That means safe, quick, and discrete game boosting service.

Your risks are minimized. Our boosters use a VPN to avoid sanctions from Blizzard and other gaming brands. Our website has top-tier SSL and HTTPS encryptions. Your private data is completely safe. Your security is key, and we will never lose it.

From start to finish, every order is fast. At any given minute multiple teams stand at your disposal. Place your order anytime you want. You decide when the boost will start. We complete every boost by hand. We complete most orders in less than one day.

After you place an order, our friendly customer service will frequently update with the boost’s progress and specifics of your order. They will also alleviate any concern, problem, or question you have. You can contact them through a live chat option, Discord, Skype, or email. Our customer support is available 24/7, every day of the year.

We are hiring! If you want to be a booster, or are already one looking for more gigs, feel free to give us a call. You can also complete the appropriate form in the ‘Work With Us’ section you can find in the header.

We need enthusiastic boosters—those who love to play the game and know how to do it.

As our employee, you can work from home, have a flexible working schedule, and advance along the way. Learn new things, and enjoy a fun, friendly, and progressive company culture. We mess a lot and work hard.

There’s also room for customer-support agents. If your speaking English is great, you don’t mind talking and like to help people out, give us a call.

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WoW Leveling Boost

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WoW Character Boost

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Item Level

Mythic 14 Boost

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Mythic +14

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— Why You should choose FelBoost

Why Choose Our Game Boosting Service?

From WoW BFA, WoW Classic, and Apex Legends to Fortnite and Overwatch, your every boost is going to be fast, secure, and discrete. You decide when the boost will begin. Several booster teams are always ready to start. Moreover, you can contact our customer support whenever you want, and they will help you further, keep you updated with the latest info about your order, or just alleviate any question or concern. Win top prices, accomplishments, loot, and reward. We also have coaching services if you want to train yourself to victory. Improve your gameplay, in-game skills, aim, or strategy.      

24/7 Friendly Customer Support

Whether you have questions about your order, aren’t sure what game boosting service you need, or simply want to say hi, you can contact our customer support every day of the year, at any time you want. You can use the live chat option, Skype/Email — [email protected] —, Discord channel — FelBoost#7157. We will help you with any problem, question, or concern. And, our friendly customer service will greet you with a smile—every time

Your Security is Our First Priority

When it comes to any game boosting service, your security is king. We protect it like it really is one. That’s why we only hire top professional boosters who know how to handle customer safety and protection. Your boost will be discrete as well. Every order is completed through a premium VPN technology to ensure your account is protected. Not to mention that no one will know about your orders. Not your friends, nor your enemies. Or any game provider on the globe.

Limitless Money-Back Guarantee

We will never keep your money if you are not satisfied with your order. We strive to be the best game boosting service provider. That’s why we put your satisfaction at the heart of our organization. Your money will be in escrow — not sent to anyone — until you decide you are satisfied with your boost. Our money-back guarantee doesn’t expire. It doesn’t have a 30-day, 60-day period. It’s available until you like what you ordered.

Cutting-Edge Website Security

Our website features both SSL and HTTPS encryptions. Every byte of data you enter on our site will pass a highly secure encryption process. No one will be able to view it, access it, or use it for malicious purposes. Everything is virus-free, malware-free, phishing-free, and with zero chance of someone eavesdropping. Your password, login info, and any private data are completely safe—Felboost, your security, always.

Complete Anonymity

We will never share your private data with anyone. All our boosts are completely anonymous. When you order, any information you enter on our website will be thoroughly encrypted. Only you and our account manager will have access to it. After we complete your boost successfully, we will erase your entire data from our servers. No one will know about your boost. Not even companies like Blizzard.

Rapid Delivery Time

When you order a game boosting service, you don’t only spend your money. You spend your valuable time, as well. No one likes to wait for boosts. You want to play the game. We know. That’s why we take pride in completing your runs and orders as soon as possible. Without problems. Without delays. With speed. In silence. As soon as you make an order on our website, our friendly customer support will contact you through your preferred communication channel. Really soon after, your boosting will start.